Proven Ways to Collect Emails that Convert in your Shopify Store

October 03, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

Actually, proven ways to collect emails is excellent advice that applies to all platforms of e-commerce in addition to Shopify stores. Shopify stores are one of the most popular in getting small businesses off the ground and selling quickly. Social media and email are the two most effective ways to reach potential (and eventual) customers to visit your Shopify store. With e-commerce as your platform, you want as much traffic as possible! That alone is a primary reason to collect emails.

The value of email marketing to your Shopify store

Collecting email addresses is a great way to bring visitors back, making return trips to your site over and over again. We can thank modern technology for adding email access to smartphones all over the world. This access means that your email message is there, and following your customers wherever they go nowadays, luring them back to convert in your Shopify store

Unlike a social media feed, your message waits patiently for them to return if they don’t have the time to read your email right away. They can come back to it later at their convenience. This may very well be an excellent reason that email marketing is so successful in leading conversions in Shopify. Email marketing is still gaining the highest ROI over other marketing efforts, so if you’re not emailing yet – it’s time to get started as soon as possible. Here are a few ways you can get started collecting email addresses that will increase the number of conversions in your Shopify store.

Pop-ups bring conversions

Add a pop-up window to your website that invites visitors to add their email to your list. This detail is a must-have for collecting emails that convert. Lure them with notices of exclusive announcements, sales, and promotions that only the “inside circle” will know about first. You know the deal. Make them salivate at the idea of being the first to know and the first to pounce on the best deals. That pouncing, of course, leads to conversions in your Shopify store!

These pop-up email collection windows are straightforward to create with most email service providers. Most have a utility to generate the code for the pop-up to your (user-friendly) specifications, then spins it out into unique code that you apply on your website. With that code in place, there is nothing more for you to do. The window collects emails automatically and adds them to your email service provider contacts list as purposefully subscribed contacts. You can even set an automatic response thanking them and confirming their enrollment for a personal touch that will lead them to convert to your Shopify store

Keep your customers coming back for more

Turn your first-time customers into repeat customers by collecting their email addresses at checkout. You are probably already collecting emails to provide your customers with shipping and delivery updates. 

To make sure you have their consent, put a note below the email address entry field that explains your intentions of using their email (to provide you shipping updates and alert you of exclusive deals and discount opportunities) and provide a hyperlink for them to unsubscribe to that list if they wish to for email marketing (but they almost never do) purposes. 

Now that you have this captive audience that already has an excellent experience with your company under their belt, it’s time to start growing that relationship with them. Be sure to segment your current customers so you can craft together some exclusive promotions to win their repeat business and increase the number of conversions with these customers. 

Start them with a welcome email and a discount off of their next purchase. Whenever you have a new promotion for your entire audience, send your present customers an opportunity for a sneak preview and a chance to purchase a day early. For example, Cyber Monday is right around the corner for your Shopify store. Get the excitement humming early for your customers. You can start your season early with your collection of customer emails to begin shopping on Saturday. Build up the anticipation by sending the first email early on the week of Thanksgiving, then one more on Black Friday to remind them of their personal sale starting the next day, and maybe flash a couple of sample discounts they will expect to see.

Keep their inboxes alive

Now that you have a continuous collection of emails to convert into your Shopify store, you are ready to take your marketing to a new level. You are starting a relationship with your customer base, so groom that relationship to hold their interest and your Shopify store at the top of their mind when they have a need. 

Send weekly emails that touch on something related to your brand. For instance, if your Shopify store sells cooking supplies, email a new recipe weekly that includes ways to maximize the uses of your products. Even if your product isn’t originally marketed for that purpose, new applications lead to increases in the perceived value of your product. They also are a perfect bridge to introduce new product offers to your catalog. 

It’s important not to be too “salesy” every week, as your audience will tire of constant advertisements and unsubscribe. Instead, enlightening emails will encourage them to continue opening them as they arrive, strengthing your customer relationship, even if they aren’t ready to buy right away.

A call-to-action (CTA) is another item that your emails need that convert in your Shopify store. You want to encourage your audience to visit your Shopify store often. Not only might your lure another conversion, but their traffic in your website does wonders for your online reputation with Google and other search engines. Even if your customers don’t make a purchase, their presence and activity on your site benefit your online status. Eventually, though, they WILL find something that they cannot live without, and BINGO, a conversion.

We can help

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