Learning Management Systems for SaaS Marketing

July 18, 2018
by Daniel Klein


Support your SaaS business growth


With Joseph Studios and LifterLMS, you can groom bigger and more valuable leads for your sales funnel.

You’ll be able to build champions of your products and services within potential sales leads, without having to manually touch the lead.


Grow Your SaaS and business Sales Funnel

You’ll be able to build champions of your products and services within potential sales leads, without having to manually touch the lead.

Knowledge Centers in SaaS

Setup a free knowledge center to train newcomers on your offering, while offering a paid yearly subscription for clients to learn more complex portions of your SaaS

Getting User Feedback

Learn what features are most important to your clients by having metrics on what topics and lessons they view the most. Use this to stay competitive and agile in business


New Experiences at the Speed of Business

Digitize your product training and ensure each new client has a rapid adoption rate.

Jaw-dropping Prospect Engagement

Build experiences that industry enthusiasts love and want to use. Craft beautiful, branded training courses with pixel-perfect designs that work anywhere, on any device.

Launch new courses yourself in minutes or have our team build and manage your training experiences.


Data Your Prospects Demand

Deliver brilliant business training so when prospects engage your sales team the bulk of the “what we do” and “How we help you” questions are answered. Reducing time spent in the sales cycle, increasing deal sizes, and improving activity at the top of the funnel.

Agility Your Business Will Love

Quickly adapt and improve training to showcase the latest product features, use-cases, and success stories.

Enterprise Scale and Security

Deliver training of any size or complexity with the confidence that all your business-critical data is safe and secure.


Improve SaaS Net New Business

  • Provide a means to turn enthusiasts into champions with free online training for your product.

  • Up-sell clients $20-50K a year with a premium education center for your product.

  • Provide a place for your community to unite and grow.


Culture of Learning

  • Anyone in your company can build a course

  • Take lessons learned from past projects, conferences,  or decades of experience and make it centrally available to everyone on the team


Agility in Training

  • Enable departments to create and amend their own department training

  • No need to rely on costly resources to build or manage your LMS

  • Update training across the entire enterprise, or just for a single department



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