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Our search engine optimization (SEO) efforts are focused on white hat SEO only, or in other words, the things that help search engines have an easier time understanding what is more important on your site and for your brand.

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Below are our results.

Please note:

  • These results were for large companies with semi-static websites.

  • These results were achieved in a single day.

  • The reporting came from a third party tool (SEM Rush) and were auto-generated.

  • The entire Jos. Studios team is based in America. We never outsource, and we never use 3rd party contractors.

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Organic SEO Backlink Service

First and foremost! SEO should pay for itself by providing free (organic) site traffic. Traffic you otherwise would be paying for from ads.

This client pays us $1200/mth to support them from an SEO perspective, and after 6mths this subscription is saving them $693/mth.

Plus! since we only do organic marketing, and organic marketing has been shown to lead to much higher conversion rates, this traffic is even more valuable than what they could get from ads (dollar for dollar). 

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This next client made the right call from day one of starting business and didn’t go with another firm to provide marketing.

As a result, we didn’t have any mess to clean up when we started work and they began seeing serious results after the first 60 days. 

Again, we achieved these amazing marketing results, that are saving our client serious money while provide fantastic leads, using only organic SEO and whitehat techniques.

Our team is based in the US and we dont use bots, machines, or trickery, just good ole fashion hard work and expert craftsmanship.

SEO Agency
Learning Management Systems for SaaS Marketing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s the process through which content online is organized so it appears as close to top of the first page of search results as possible.

SEO agencies likely came about shortly after search engines did in the early to mid-’90s and their role has largely bee to try and trick search engines into placing their client’s content to the top of search results. This cat and mouse game between marketing firms and search engines has been ongoing ever since and as time progresses and search engines continue to incorporate higher and higher quality AIs (artificial intelligence) into their algorithms, these attempts to “trick” search engines has become a pointless endeavor.

As mentioned in the first question, SEO agencies likely appeared shortly after search engines themselves did in the mid-’90s.

Since then, these agencies have been hired by businesses to get their content to the top of search results.

In the early days, his new discipline was a boon for businesses with savvy marketers. As a quick case study on the impact a solid SEO strategy or SEO agency can have on business there was a business called Sky-ride, who sold would-be adrenaline junkies tickets to go skydiving. They were one of the first to employ an SEO agency in the skydiving world and as a result, if you typed ANYTHING related to skydiving into Google they would come up first, second, third, etc… In fact, you could live in California and type in ‘go skydiving in California” and Sky-ride would come up first, second, third, etc… Even though Sky-ride was based in Atlanta, Ga!! Folks would travel across the entire country to go to Sky-ride because they thought it was the only place to skydive in the entire country, even though there were hundreds of reputable locations much closer to them.

Since then, and largely for these reasons, search engines have gotten a lot smarter and better at finding the right results for each person searching, but that hasn’t stopped SEO agencies or despite businesses from trying to game the system.  **A warning on this** Don’t try and trick a search engine, you will be penalized for it and your ability to rank well will be severely hurt.

A Good SEO agency will really do only one thing, they’ll help you organize your content so Google /Yahoo/Bing understands what’s most important on your website and how you fit into your industry.

As an example, think of it this way. A good organic SEO campaign will resemble a library where all the books (content, knowledge, resources) is organized and categorized. Think of the Librarian as the search engine. They help keep everything organized so when someone wants to find the perfect book for them, the librarian knows exactly where to help the look.

Not having SEO or an SEO agency to support you is kinda like having your books (your web presence) in the wrong section of the library or in the “Uncategorized” section, you’re NEVER going to be found in either case. So by having an SEO agency provide professional help, they should be organizing your content so the librarian knows you’re the perfect resource to discover when someone goes looking.

SEO agencies can help in a variety of ways.  They can (and should) ensure;

  1. All your web pages have title tags  (H1 and H2 tags)
  2. Your web pages all have meta descriptions
  3. Your URLs have the keyword you’re trying to rank for (called the focus keyword)
  4.  All pages have the correct internal and external linking so search engines know what other resources are related. In fact, here’s an example; check out this handy guide to SEO.
  5. Last, that your content is well written and contains the right mix of words and phrases to help search engines understand the subject.

Now, all of these tactics are really just about organizing your content so it’s well laid out and ready for readers and search engines. That’s it! The reason you’d want to hire a professional SEO agency rather than doing it yourself or hiring an in-house person to do it for you is because it’s time consuming and detail oriented work. The same reason why libraries have librarians. It’s a never-ending, time-consuming, and technical job, but if it’s not done right you’ll never be found.

Organic SEO focuses on helping people rather than catering to search engines, or worse trying to trick search engines.

Organic SEO will employ helpful content and storytelling to boost a website to the top of search results. For example, let’s say a high-end furniture store wants to organically rank high in search results to gain more customers. From a SEO perspective, they could focus on writing content that tells about the founding of their company, the stories of each product and how it came into being, or telling potential clients about the solutions each product can provide them.

Doing this will help the furniture company rank well when customers go searching for a “sofa that’s great for watching movies”, and they find a helpful article about selecting furniture for a movie room. Your organic seo agency would be there to help you;

  1. Devise the best keyword phrases for the article to have
  2. Write the content
  3. Publish the content to your web page
  4. Request each search engine index your page
  5. Go to related blogs and forums where people are already asking these questions and link back to your article as a helpful resource

So in essence, organic SEO is about both providing value and sharing that value with the community.

On-page SEO is a faster way to get your content out there. Perhaps its most important benefit is the fact that on-page SEO is still the best way to get ranked for most search engines. The fact that it is still widely useful should guide you more on why you should invest in on-page SEO.

On-page SEO will increase your traffic as it puts forward your best foot. When correctly done, your taglines and meta descriptions will by themselves generate a client base that you can capitalize on to have more revenue.

Also, on-page SEO helps to interpret your whole website, specifically pointing out all the benefits and importance of your products. It addresses the clients’ queries and helps them get to the websites they want in no time.

On-page SEO has a huge role in the growth of search engines today. The development of the search engines has been sophisticated and exponential over the years, and to add onto it, on-page SEO has taken it to a whole new level.

Perhaps the most significant importance of on-page SEO is that you are assured of conversions if you go about it properly. It has proved useful over time, and below are the ways to go about it.

Meta descriptions refer to all the information in a sentence about your products, seen the moment a user opens a page with the applicable keywords. These are the words that make a user want to open up a page at the search results level. Do not assume that you can use the same description across all your pages. Title tags are made up of very few words, averagely less than ten, and summarize your website to entice clientele to clink on the link. Both the title tags and Meta descriptions should be brief and as clear and relevant as possible.

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