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February 19, 2019
by Daniel Klein


Search Engine Optimization is an online strategy of using specific tools and tactics so that your content features higher on rankings in search engine results. This ensures your pages are exposed and gradually you can land clients, giving your website a better value.


On-page SEO, on the other hand, refers to the process of using your website’s elements to make your pages more SEO friendly. On-page SEO is also referred to as On-site SEO. Basically, it functions by sorting your content in terms of relevance, quality, and the structural formation of the material, so that Google knows if what you have is what the users are looking for with just a click on the Title.


Step by Step Guide to Superior On-Page SEO

Get a Good Domain Name.

One of the most critical aspects of successful SEO marketing is the use of a proper domain name.  Your domain name should be able to reflect what your website is about, at a glance. For example, ‘’ clearly lets you know that all the information regarding healthy living and its aspects can be found here. Use full words on the domain name as opposed to initials as people tend to type in words and not initials or short forms of words. Do not forget to use the full keywords when assigning URLs; they rank better during the SEO searches.


The keywords you use.

The keywords you choose to use should not only be correct, but they should also be relevant, and applicable to the daily SEO as felt by the majority of internet users. Ensure you select straightforward keywords with correct spellings and right application to your products and services.


Catchy title tags and meta descriptions.

Meta descriptions refer to all the information in a sentence about your products, seen the moment a user opens a page with the applicable keywords. These are the words that make a user want to open up a page at the search results level. Do not assume that you can use the same description across all your pages. Title tags are made up of very few words, averagely less than ten, and summarize your website to entice clientele to clink on the link. Both the title tags and Meta descriptions should be brief and as clear and relevant as possible.


Originality and uniqueness of content.

Make all your posts unique, catchy, and original. In a world of too much online information, you want to attract your audience attention with true, superior quality, and relevant information. Nowadays information can be copy-pasted and duplicated, but if you make your content beautiful and easy-to-read, you are most likely going to attract valid crowds.


Specify landing pages for every product and service.

Do not generalize your products or summarize them all into one landing page. If you separate them into their landing pages, you have enough space to accurately describe each product in detail without worrying about the area. Include all the features and benefits of your products so that your clients are well informed.  You can pick the best line from all the product features and use it on the Meta description as this usually is the best way to go around it. Do not look at the whole exercise; it can be hectic and very time-consuming. Look at the outcome; it will optimize your pages and land you good rankings on the search engines.


Include visual aspects.

Do not make your posts purely articles. Too much reading can be boring and dull, sometimes even when the content is interesting. It breaks the monotony of continuous reading and adds life to the otherwise long reads. For each image used, use perfect image descriptions to stay relevant and appealing. While this makes it more attractive, overdoing it will look weird and a little off. Do not overuse the visual aspect; it is only meant to pimp up your writing a bit.


Mind the speed.

If you have to have consistent traffic, you have to invest in a faster host for your website. As they say, slow internet is the world’s leading boring thing. You do not want to invest heavily on a great website only to be let down by pages loading way too slow. You can ensure this is in check by testing your websites speed. While at it, provide that the speed is good both via desktops and mobile phones too.


Hope you enjoyed these SEO Tips from your local SEO agency in Atlanta!!



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