Is Social Media Marketing Still Relevant?

May 13, 2021
by Deanitra Kuminka

Businesses don’t grow on their own. It takes time, dedication, and of course, and a robust marketing strategy. A challenge for many is that marketing isn’t cheap, and most companies aren’t sure how to divide their advertising budget. What is the best marketing mix to invest in to find success? Those unfamiliar with social media may wonder, is social media marketing still relevant to my business? The answer is yes.

Not only is social media marketing still relevant, but it is also more crucial than ever for growing your business and engaging potential and existing customers alike. Still not convinced? Let us show you how.


Social Media Is on the Rise

According to, more than 3.6 billion people use social media worldwide, and market research shares that seven out of ten Americans use social media to interact with the world around them. And this trend continues to grow at an overwhelming rate.

This is partly thanks to the advent of the smartphone and widespread use, even in the most remote parts of the world. With almost 4 billion smartphones in circulation worldwide — nearly half the world’s population — social media is in the hands of almost everyone. So why not leverage its power and reach through social media marketing?

We see just how effective social media marketing’s reach truly is with the rise of the social media influencer. According to Influencer Marketing, products marketed by an influencer on social media had a return investment of up to $18 for every dollar that’s spent.


Well Thought-Out Campaigns Bring More Than Just Sales

Sales are important, but when discussing whether social media marketing is still relevant, it brings other things to the table than just direct sales. For one thing, it allows you to define your brand. Professionals know that branding is essential, and that’s why marketers spend so much time defining a brand’s image.

Social media marketing campaigns can tie in several important marketing strategies all in one place, with minimal effort. Brand recognition is often easily incorporated into a company’s page thanks to features like the “share” and “follow” buttons. They enable a user to follow content they find engaging. With these tools, a business can increase its outreach to its target audience as customers engage with their content and share it with other prospective users.

The personal touch that comes with social media campaigns also creates strong brand loyalty. Using smart techniques like commercials and captivating campaigns that properly showcase your brand to your audience makes it easier to relate to your product and stay with it in the future. This is because, with social media, you can provide a richer customer experience, one that draws the user in and encourages them to stay tuned for more engaging content in the future.

Finally, one of the most beneficial parts of this particular type of marketing is customer insights. Each platform hosts its own unique analytics so you can accurately see how effective your content is and where and what your customers engage with the most. Viewing this analytical data informs you to fine-tune your campaigns and optimize them in the future.


Its Cost-Effective in a Time When It Truly Matters

The pandemic changed everyone’s lives across the globe, and it undoubtedly hit small businesses the hardest. Many companies were forced to close their doors, and those who remained open suffered significant financial loss. As for the clients we hope to reach, they, too, are dealing with catastrophic losses and an increasingly negative effect on their pre-covid lifestyles. Effective marketing techniques are more critical than ever, especially with consumers buying less and less.

Businesses need cost-effective ways to market to their audiences, and nothing is more cost-effective than social media marketing. With limited budgets, even the smallest companies can create campaigns that target their audience and increase their profits.


The Pandemic Affected Social Media Too

Pre-pandemic we went to movies. We enjoyed dinner with our friends and traveled on the weekends to experience life how it was meant to be experienced. COVID-19 changed the way we did everything, and millions of people were forced indoors and left to find new ways to pass the seemingly never-ending days at home.

This pushed many people to the one place they could go while stuck indoors: online. Businesses shifted their entire industries online to drive sales, and schools began to take place in online classrooms. Families were forced apart for months, unable to participate in life-changing milestones like graduations and birthdays, so they turned to social media to stay connected.

According to Digital Commerce 360, the social media consumption of Americans alone rose by 72% during the pandemic, and social media posting rose by 43%. With social media providing families opportunities for entertainment and connection with their loved ones, more and more people log onto social media every day. With such an increase in social media engagement across the country and the globe, internet users in the U.K. revealed a 55 percent increase in online activity, according to the Brandon agency. We share all of this to say that social media is more relevant than ever!



Social Media Has Become Limitless

What makes social media marketing so relevant? It is that it offers an expanded reach and countless growth opportunities. There are new users of different socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, and interests signing up every day and there is no actual limit to how much content you can produce. The opportunities to reach your target audience are truly abundant in ways other marketing strategies aren’t.

With the massive shift in online activity due to the pandemic, online marketing opportunities have grown exponentially. The increase in online traffic offers fresh attempts at reaching new target audiences who want to be engaged and entertained. Of course, a continued benefit is social media marketing’s cost-effectiveness overall.

Even when investing in paid social media campaigns, your return almost always outweighs your investment, something that you can’t say about other options like TV and print ads. By far, social media provides any business the largest reach of any marketing strategy out there.


Joseph Studios: Where We Fit In

By now, we hope it is clear that not only is social media marketing still relevant, but it also continues to grow and evolve every day. Utilizing social media as part of your overall marketing strategy is an excellent way to make an impact by establishing your brand, engaging your target audience with compelling content, and converting prospects.

We recognize that not everyone is an expert on social media or may not have the time to dedicate to developing an impactful, in-depth marketing strategy, and that is where we come in. Joseph Studios is an intelligence-based digital marketing agency that offers various marketing services customizable to your company’s specific needs. Our team of social media marketing experts is more than eager to help you make your mark online.

If you’re interested in our social media marketing subscription or want to learn more about our other services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (800) 663-0126!


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