The Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Marketing

February 04, 2019
by Daniel Klein

Facebook marketing is not a new thing for many organic marketing agencies. It has however expanded and now includes individual business marketing and promotion. The primary goal is to attract more and more clients every passing day.

But Facebook marketing is not like posting your Facebook status anyhow; it has to be a calculated move, with precise details and has the correct information. You do not want your fans to reach out only to realize you do not sell what you post on Facebook. First things first, what exactly do you need to know and do before setting out on this journey of Facebook marketing?


Factors To Consider Before Beginning Facebook Marketing

Not everyone can indulge in Facebook marketing; there are many factors you need to consider before posting your first advert.


Fan base.

For your Facebook marketing strategy to take off successfully, you need to amass as many followers as possible. This will help make whatever you are selling reach as many people as possible, translating into more significant sales and more income.


Paid Facebook or Free to Air?

Consider getting a paid Facebook account to enjoy all the benefits that come with promotional offers and marketing strategies. A paid Facebook account will help you generate more income as people tend to take it more seriously than the free Facebook account.

The Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Marketing

Any special niches?

Consider investing in marketing on specific niches that are widely used by people. In this case, you will need to gather as much information as possible so that you deliver to the masses. By so doing, your business will grow strong wings, and before you know it, you will reap the fruits of Facebook marketing.


Costs and expenses.

Ensure you look at the cost of running your Facebook account, including its maintenance fees. Do not be in for rude shocks when hit with prices you did not expect. If you opt for the free Facebook account, this may not be a big worry.


How To Start A Successful Facebook Marketing Venture

One of the best ways to market anything is via Facebook. This is because Facebook has the highest number of users as compared to all the other social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, etc. On top of that, using Facebook is pretty easy and straightforward. If you are to tap deep into this fantastic marketing channel, you need a few guidelines.


Respect your fans.

Look at all the people who follow you as potential clients. Treat all of them with respect and professionalism. Always answer their queries and respond to their inquiries about the products you are marketing.


Keep your fans busy.

While this does not mean that you should post a new product every one hour, you cannot afford to be slow and sluggish in posting your adverts, too. Regular posts on new and upcoming products will keep your fans looking forward to the next product.


Know your fans.

You need to study your fans and know their likes to strive to fulfill them. Use monitoring platforms like Hootsuite to learn all you need to know about your fans. Use gender, age, marital status, and social statuses to address them, and you will get the best out of them. This will also enable you to only market products that are relevant to their specific orientation.


Keep your page vibrant and exciting.

It is not enough to engage your fans and update your posts regularly. On top of this, ensure to keep your Facebook page engaging using things like competitions and surveys targeting your fans. As they strive to answer your questionnaires and competitions, you will get to understand their needs more and know how to direct your marketing strategies.


Think future, think ahead.

Facebook marketing is here to last, but only on Facebook paid accounts. This is because, on the free accounts, there will no longer be enough space to post regular status updates as well as various market products. This is the main reason why Facebook organic reach keeps declining every other day.

It is also dropping because Facebook began to allow each user only to see customized content exclusively tailored to suit their individual preferences. Among other reasons, these should give you a reason to think ahead about the future of Facebook marketing and re-strategize accordingly.


Most Important Notes


Firstly, stick to your lane and market only your products. This will help you as Facebook strives to serve all its users using their specific interests and not the intent. Secondly, be straightforward. Avoid shortcut options like buying Facebook likes to increase traffic to yourself.

Chances are it will backfire, and you will lose both your money and your fans. Thirdly, build traffic that you can manage. As much as many followers drive your validity home, do not overstretch to have huge numbers you cannot control. This will make you lose on both ends, pulling you back to where you began. Ensure to give correct info on your products. This will not only sustain your fan base, but it will also ensure you remain relevant on Facebook and that your products keep selling.

The Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Marketing

The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Marketing


Ensure you build your brand name at the very initial stages. Once your brand speaks for itself, use Facebook to create your target market to narrow down to serious clients only. Remember to customize your Facebook page to reflect the product line you are marketing; this will push you higher in the searches by other Facebook users. Leaving other links to your products on your Facebook page will give a sign of seriousness. If you promote your products on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc., leave the links on your posts so that your fans are redirected to them for more info.

If you remain updated and keep your posts refreshing and up to date, your fan base will always receive fresh information and will look forward to more, as opposed to getting quickly bored with old info and boring stuff.


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