The Impact of Email Marketing on Organic Rankings

April 06, 2020
by Deanitra Kuminka

Earned, organic, paid marketing, and SEO has always been the hot topic of the web industry. No website, eMagazine, or blog can perform well in search engines if they’re not developed on smart, structured rules, and SEO-friendly orientation. Therefore, many websites, marketers, advertising agencies, and even local businesses have started to gain awareness of the importance of Search Engine Optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a basic set of rules, tools, and techniques that make a website appealing to various search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When people look something up on Google, they normally choose from the first page, or to be more precise, the top three results. Therefore, each website aims and makes efforts to gain the top rank in searches.

However, SEO techniques are vague and wide. While marketers are aware of what it takes to rank on top in search engines, they’re still yet aware of some unknown keys and loopholes. One of those small loopholes to improve or worsen your search engine rankings is through Email Marketing.

What is Email Marketing? 

Email marketing is when businesses, websites, blogs, and magazines use the help of newsletters and email reminders to constantly stay in touch with their customers. However, while the intent behind email marketing is to engage more audiences, the results can be a little complex.

How Can Email Marketing Impact Organic Rankings?

This information had become public about 2-3 years ago when Google was awarded a patent. Theoretically, this patent would enable google to take metrics from its Gmail service, and use the information gathered to improve its web results. Precisely, the patent includes gathering data from spam emails and using that data to improve or downgrade the rankings of specific vendors.

Google applied for this patent back in 2012, and it was approved in 2015. We know that patents are just a way to protect an idea, so we can’t say for sure if Google had used this technique between the year 2012 – 2015 or not. However, now we’re confident that Email Marketing has clear significant impacts on Organic Ranking.

Email Marketing – How Exactly Does This Work?

Since now, we’re clear on the idea of SEO, Email Marketing, and Organic Rankings let’s discuss how Google uses the information to filter web searches. Gmail has a feature that allows its users to mark a particular email as spam. Hence, when vendors continuously send non-appealing emails to their website traffic, users mark them as spam. This is where Google steps in and starts to observe the metrics of those vendors.

They study their vendors, their web structures, patterns, SEO, and more, and rank them based on their performance. In short words, the websites that regularly and continuously send emails to their customers and consequently get marked as spam – will have their ranks dropped in google searches. However, the intensity of the long, healthy, or short effect depends upon various unknown factors.

Consequently, the patent was an essential and significant sign that marketers should be observing the quality and quantity of their marketing emails. Also, marketers should keep an eye out for the response rate on those emails – to have an idea about whether users are adding them to spam or not. Email marketing has long had an impact to affect the changes in a website’s traffic. However, with Google’s patent, email marketing now has a direct effect on organic rankings.

Google’s Email Metrics Patent – How to Get the Best out of it?

Now that you’re aware of the impact spam emails can have on a website’s organic rankings. The last thing you want is a large number of users marking your email as spam. Moreover, they can also mark the message as unsolicited because they don’t recognize it’s from you. Therefore, you have to be vigilant, not only for the quantity, response, and quality of your emails but also for the unique name of your service.

Many search engines are also putting similar ideas to use. And whether or not Google is putting its patent to use, it is never a bad time to evaluate your SEO rankings, Email Marketing, and website structure. Furthermore, now that you know about this, it should be a great time to evaluate your email marketing efforts – make sure that they’re okay with your SEO efforts. Also, make sure you have a unique sender ID, so google and users recognize you.

The Patent Operates on Relativity

Even the most successful and legitimate marketers would get marked as spam from time to time. Therefore, authentic, legal, and severe marketers do not get any significant negative impact on this type of marketing. Consequently, this system appears to rank results by comparing vendors to vendors and not by absolute grading. 

However, this is also an additional red flag for marketers who’re only aiming to malign other competitors by demoting campaigns. 

A Bonus Tip – Use Email Marketing For Your Benefit

A bonus tip for you to use email marketing for your benefit is by turning better-performing emails into high-quality content for your website. Many websites and magazines send appealing newsletters as a part of their Email Marketing. The marketers can observe the metrics of those emails, and expand the successful ones into even better articles.

Moreover, increased social media visibility can also help you to have a better response to the marketed emails. Consumers choose to buy from the brands they trust. Increased social media visibility can help businesses and marketers in the following ways:

  • Increased positive brand mentions on social media help to enhance SEO.
  • It helps to maintain a trusting relationship with the consumers.
  • It helps to find more linked opportunities with better outreach.


An ideal way to enhance the Search engine presence is by separately making use of each responsible channel. The second step is to implement channel synergy of each channel to boost the effects of marketing. While Email and SEO are unrelated on the surface, Google’s patent in 2012 makes them very useful. 

With a well-structured SEO approach and strategic email marketing, you can use your campaigns to boost your rankings and search visibility. 


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