The Importance of Showing the Faces Behind Your Business

January 14, 2019
by Daniel Klein

In the world of marketing, every advantage counts. It has become a natural thing to always look for an edge in such a competitive discipline. After all, marketing is what gets you in front of customers, and it’s essential to business success.

But have you ever considered that your employees might provide that marketing advantage? We aren’t talking only about the marketing and sales departments, but also the engineers, the website designers, the writers — everybody. Showing the faces behind your business can have immense value when it comes to connecting with customers and building your brand reputation. Let’s have a more detailed look at the importance of letting the customers get closer to your business:

Behind The Scenes

For customers who are invested in the brand, getting a glimpse behind the scenes is an irresistible opportunity. And for those who aren’t sold yet, it’s a great way to engage their natural curiosity and organically lure them into finding out more about you. Candid photos or videos that showcase the atmosphere around an event or a promotion, or even a short look into your day-to-day operations can help you build a closer relationship with the customers. It makes them feel like a part of the process, improving their experience and customer engagement. Rather than creating a wall of mystery around your business, let the people in closer.

The People Behind the Brand

In the same line of thinking of showing off your stuff, do not be afraid to show off your staff. Their faces and their stories help humanize the brand and make it feel more accessible to the customers. Seeing the people behind the brand helps the customers feel more at ease, knowing that they’re in capable hands. That’s why you’ll often see the most critical team members listed on websites in the “About” section — so the customers can learn who the people are which are aiming to help them. Showcase your employees at work and avoid stock photography, because being authentic and real is what counts most in the eyes of customers.

Employees on Social Media

In addition to flaunting your team, you could also recruit a few crew members to act as your brand promoters, especially on social media. It’s important to remember that every employee will have their network of people that they interact with — and some of them might become customers, or help refer more customers to you. In any case, with employees as your brand’s spokespeople, it will be much easier to spread the word, as well as a showcase that your employees are happy with the work they’re doing. By representing the brand in the best possible light, the employees can help immensely with building an immaculate online reputation, which goes a long way in retaining customers.


Building an excellent brand reputation doesn’t have to be difficult. By showing the faces behind your business and allowing them to represent the brand, you stand to gain more engaged and loyal customers who trust you. For more creative marketing ideas and strategies, feel free to visit our website or contact us directly.


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