Keeping It Real: 3 Ways Video On Social Media Changed In 2019

August 01, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

When you look back, it wasn’t very long at all that we were tap, tap, tapping away in chat rooms thinking we were participating on the cutting edge. Look at us today! Video has crept into our everyday lives, right on to social media. Raise your hand if you’ve done any of these or benefitted from them in any way.

Live video

Live video is taking social media by storm right now. Some people are streaming and recording live events, speeches, protests, and performances. I’m not talking about commercial videos either. Even on the personal side, Dad working late can still see his daughter’s solo performance or his son’s wrestling match, thanks to Mom and live video. Grandma doesn’t have to miss a single moment, either. Let’s not ignore the wonderful world of gadgets and video chatting available now too, everything from I phone Facetime to Google Dot, it’s gone way beyond a Go-To-Meeting and everyone loves it. 

The most amusing live videos in recent events are those of political figures. For instance, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has been posting videos of herself talking to her followers while cooking, putting together furniture and even marveling over her first experience with garbage disposal. Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren popped open a beer to share with her fans, and Beto O’Roarke took us all to both the barber and the dentist with him to show us all that he is just a regular guy.

How-to videos

These videos combine a practical purpose and an opportunity to feature a product and how to use it for the best results. Anyone who might have been apprehensive of a product they have never used before may be inspired to buy after seeing how easy it is to use. You can use how-to videos to increase sales and more importantly increase customer satisfaction and minimize returns. 

Off the top of my head, thinking of the how-to videos accessed in my household, there were several installation videos for car parts and repairs. We also learned how to install solar panels, check for squareness in construction, use a splitting wedge, and basic plumbing and lighting installation. Most of these brands post with the intent of selling a product or tool, and my household is forever grateful. Thanks to how-to videos, we conquered several tasks that we might never have tried beforehand. 

On the flip side, cooking videos are popping up all over Facebook, and they are downright amusing in fast motion. I remember my mother trying to follow along at the same speed, calling me in tears that she couldn’t keep up. After consoling and reassuring her, I warned her to stay away from the fiber lash-extension mascara videos.

Product feature videos

These could go hand-in-hand with the how-to videos; however, the product feature videos are more about, “Look at me” than they are about “Learn how to use me.” For instance, a piece of clothing may be modeled from different angles with perfect lighting to get a good look at the colors. A purse may be opened up to show the pockets inside. If you have ever watched Home Shopping Network or QVC, they are masters at product feature videos. Their sales numbers prove this every day. Having a video on your product page, on average, increases sales at least 50%. If you have multiple product videos on your site your sales can increase as much as 80%. 

Developing a high-quality video about using or featuring your product is best done by professionals like Guerilla Media to give the best impressions to your audience. 

What’s a good strategy with using videos in marketing?

I’m so glad you asked, and again, best addressed by a professional if only at a consulting level. If you are ready to invest dollars in your marketing efforts it is time to engage a marketing agency like Joseph Studios to get you noticed on a broader scale and maximize your marketing budget for best results. We can partner with and work with your producer to make recommendations to ensure your video has a strong marketing edge. 


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