Understanding VS. Attentiveness – What’s The Difference in Digital Marketing?

December 16, 2020
by Deanitra Kuminka

There are only two states of mind that a digital marketer should have upon receiving a new project. Either you know everything there is to know about the job or will know everything about it once the work starts.

There needs to come to a point where you know exactly what you’re doing, or you’ll get fired – that’s obvious. But is one better than the other?

In the following section, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of immediate understanding and process attentiveness when it comes to ensuring the success of a project and the satisfaction of a client. To demonstrate each example, we’ll be examining two of our latest projects via their Clutch reviews.

Clutch is an online review and rating platform that highlights top companies by using a unique verification process that ensures all of their content comes from legitimate sources. This legitimacy will allow us to eliminate negative variables in analyzing these two projects.

Professional Understanding

Professional understanding is something that comes with time and experience. Basically, it means you’ve seen and worked on so many similar projects before that you already know what the client wants even before they say it, and suggest what they need before it occurs to them.

It’s a great way to show off your expertise, impress clients new to the industry, and quickly gain their trust. This is exactly what happened when our team was approached by a water treatment company that needed to upgrade their website and improve their standing on social media.

Process Attentiveness

Process Attentiveness is on the other side of the scale where you have little idea of what the project is about and learn the best way to go about the project while doing it. Most digital marketers don’t want to be put in this position. But at a certain point, it’s inevitable.

This often occurs with clients in very niche markets or are trying to be industry disruptors. There’s not much past experience to fall back on and you are forced to learn as you go.

Marketers who embrace this state of mind will impress clients with their willingness to learn and adapt. They also have the advantage of being among the first in a potential new industry. If it blows up they’ll be the de facto first people to approach by all the new companies wanting to get in on it.

This is what we got when we partnered with a Zinc Oxide distribution company to handle their social media accounts and content creation.

Each state has its own pros and any digital marketer would do well to acquaint themselves with both just in case they encounter clients that force them to adopt either stance. Fortunately, we’ve already proven that we can do both and are willing to impart our understanding and attentiveness to your project.

Begin building your brand and contact us to set an appointment with our team. Wherever you want your business to go – we’ll get you there.


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