Using Corporate Branding to Boost Digital Marketing

August 11, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

When you hear brand identity, what do you think of? For many people, a brand’s logo comes to mind- and it should. But brand identity is so much more than a logo it is everything you brand has worked for over the years and how people view your brand. From your logo to the website, to the reputation for the brand has, that is all part of your brand’s identity. 

Unfortunately, a brand identity can’t be bought and created over-night. Consistency of hard work, unique business model and high-quality products or service is how you get your brand identity to be what you want it to be. 

So why is it that companies spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on digital marketing but don’t have that brand identity they want? A lot of this time, money going towards digital marketing has to do with just advertising. While advertising and promotions are great and necessary, there needs to be a balance between advertising and building that brand identity you want. This is where we see companies going wrong. While their advertisements and campaigns are strong, they are lacking their brand identity as a whole. Here are some ways a marketing agency can help you to balance the important elements to help boost your brand’s identity. 

Create An Eye-Catching Logo

A logo should be something you created during the inception of your brand. It is the first thing customers see when they land on your website and how they remember your brand. A logo should be simple, yet mesmerizing. Consider the brands you are most familiar with today, Nike, McDonald’s, Starbucks, we are all picture the logo in our head which means those logos are good examples for logo’s that grab your attention. 

If you have ever made a proposal for your business, it is very likely that you were asked for a brochure. A brochure is much more than some fun facts about your brand. It’s ultimately the deciding factor of the business closure you receive. 

A Bold Brochure

Inside your brochure should be company goals, aspirations and what makes you better and different than your competitors. We really suggest going the extra mile with brochures because a basic brochure can easily tell potential clients that is exactly what you are- “basic.” You can also use this brochure to help build your marketing strategy. When its time to meet with the digital marketing agency to strategize, you can take a look at this brochure to see how far your brand has come and what you expect in the future.  

Professional Business Card

When it comes time to talk business with others, the end of the conversation might go something like “Let me get your business card and I’ll be in touch.” Business cards are necessary, and you never know when you might need them. You might run into someone somewhere that might be the perfect client for you, but you don’t have a business card or its too simple to be of interest to them. 

Imagine having a business card and having a potential client thinking to themselves ‘this is the best business card I have ever seen.’ Chances are, this potential client will soon be on board with your brand. A business card is a great way to express your work, services and what your goal is for clients. 

Unique, Bold Letterheads 

You may not realize how long of a way a bold design can go. Sure, you can put on a simple letterhead with your brand on it, but a letterhead can be one of the many ways to have your business stand out. Your letterhead serves to present the client with text that represents your services but who is to say that you can’t include everything in your letterhead? Include your contact information, the vision of your business and your services. By including all of this, your client can determine whether doing business with you is a good choice. 

Although a brands perception can be turned around, it’s easy to get it right while you can. Brand Identity is not just the advertising you are doing or the logo, it is everything. By creating a unique, strong message to your audience that is consistent, you can control how customers perceive your brand. A good brand is one that is remembered by people and is able to be referred to multiple times. 

To learn more about how to improve your brand’s image, contact us at Joseph Studios. 


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