What is the value of having custom media built for your business or organization?


Simply put, it’s being able to focus on your customers and not your media


By working with Jos. Studios you can continue the customer facing side of your work, without worrying about the back office duties.

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Business Partnerships Pros and Cons

Entrepreneur Self-Discovery: Business Partnerships Pros and Cons

Mar 23
Business Partnerships for entrepreneurs can be fruitful if a balance is met with expectations, risks, goals, responsibilities, and long-term thinking. That said, there can certainly be business partnership pros and cons to consider. Partnerships can also be disastrous to any fledgling small-business and can cause great divides between existing friendships
Entrepreneur Self

Entrepreneur Self-Discovery: Passion, Hobbies, Vision, and Real Business

Feb 26
While searching for a type of business or business model that fits you or your team’s personality, it is important to consider several factors. Let’s call this your Entrepreneur Self-Discovery!   These include knowing yourself, understanding the dynamics of risk versus reward of the business type, knowing your potential customer, and a

Choosing a Web Hosting Vendor- Build a Website: Part 5

Nov 27
One of the most critical decisions you will make is your web hosting vendor. Choosing a web hosting vendor who represents your best interests is surprisingly difficult, and understanding who’s out there and what they offer is time-consuming and takes a lot of trial and error. Here’s where we can

How to build a professional website: Part 4 – Choose a Domain Name

Nov 25
In recent years a lot of new top-level domain names have become available. **By top level domain name we mean the .com, .org, .net. What’s interesting here are these top-level domain names have dramatically expanded beyond the simple and old…  Now they include things like; .fitness, .Blog, .church, .realtor.com, and

How to build a professional website: Part 3 – Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Nov 24
At this point you should have a solid understanding of your site’s flow and how users will interact with your website. You should also have a solid understanding of what your website’s look and feel will be. **If you’re not to that point yet, and you haven’t checked out part