Keeping up appearances: vital brand management for CBD companies and consultants

August 27, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

The struggle is real

CBD is gaining footing from state to state, and so is the competition. Now is the time for branding wars to commence and the winners to start floating to the top. Where will your brand land?

Coca-cola, for instance, is the most popular brand of soda worldwide. It’s delicious, it’s bubbly, but it’s not the only cola brand for sale by a long shot. What Coca-cola does, is spend $4 billion on advertising and marketing.  Brand rivalries come soon after a boom of options, for all products:

  • Coke vs. Pepsi
  • McDonald’s vs. Wendy’s
  • Ruffles vs. Lays
  • Toyota vs. Ford
  • KitchenAid vs. GE
  • Apple vs. Android
  • New Leaf vs. Green Growth

You get the idea. There are as many opinions as there are brands to choose, so it’s essential that your brand builds and holds a favorable reputation as a leader in your market. You may only seek to achieve superiority over the gas station on the corner, today, but why not aspire to national brand recognition? How do you get there? 

Shaky uncertainty

Legalizing CBD is a tremendous advancement for each state that accepts it, but it is a long way coming, and still with a long way to go. The market is exploding faster than research is advancing.  As funding increases for more extensive research, the gap will soon begin to narrow. Because of this, there are many brands that don’t hold up to the same effectiveness and integrity of others. 

Try a couple of scenarios, here:

Customer 1 buys a few bottles of CBD oil of one brand from someone they know but notices that her nail salon has a sign and is selling the oil for $10 less, so she gives it a try. She notices a significant difference in the way that the two work and she makes a note of it. What did she just decide about one brand over the other?

Another customer (customer 2) has heard several anecdotes about CBD from his work team. He goes online and starts researching different brands. He picks four from Google’s first two pages. He compares websites, reads reviews, uses, and prices. He asks his coworkers what brand they’re using and how satisfied they are with the results.

Both are two different examples of how your customers will find your brand of CBD and just the beginning about how they can help build your CBD brand. You, as a business owner and distributor, have the goal of establishing your brand. You want to do this in a way that makes you stand out above the rest. 

Search engine optimization (SEO)

The last thing you want is to base your company success solely on personal referrals. I’m not saying personal references lack value, but they fall short of world domination in the CBD market. SEO is what will get your website closer to the top of the list when a potential customer googles CBD Oil (or something similar) without knowing any of your friends and family members. You want to gain those customers without working so hard for them. This practice is the beginning of them coming to you. SEO achieved through visits to your website and measures by frequency and duration of visits.

Social media

Social media rallies an audience together with similar interests. You can use this platform to share useful information, promote your blog and other content on your website. The more visits you get to your website, the more “Google points” you receive as reach toward your SEO. Those points contribute to your advancement in the search results. 

At the same time, you want to be responsive to your audience and circumvent anything negative by addressing it right away. This activity shows your integrity, dedication to quality, and favorable exposure to your brand, shining a positive light even if things don’t go as well as you hoped.


Blogging serves you in multiple ways. First, it helps build your web content, again affecting your SEO. Next, blogs engage your audience to read something that interests them about CBD and your brand. The longer they spend on your website, the better Google results you achieve with your SEO. Activities such as this also establish your brand as a trusted source of expert knowledge when done well. You can also utilize your social media and even email marketing to lead customers to your blogs regularly.

Website content

Every page on your website counts toward SEO. You want your website enriched with useful information, searchable words, and happy customers. Your blogs also count as content on your website. Remember that more extended visits are just as important as frequent visits, so make it the goal for every site visit to be an informative and pleasant experience.

Invite your customers to leave reviews on your website as a means of promoting your brand as one of great value and integrity. Be sure to monitor your reviews closely to catch any that are less than perfect and address those right away.

No need to feel overwhelmed

We at Joseph Studios understand that you weren’t inspired to open a CBD business to become a marketing expert. Instead of keeping up with everything yourself, imagine a team of marketing experts with knowledge of the CBD and cannabis industry standing by your side taking care of every detail. That is precisely the value we bring to all of our clients. 

Our organic marketing expertise gets your brand noticed above the others without being held captive paying search engines for your spot on the list. When you pay for your place on the list, that includes nothing else!  You must proceed to develop content for the other details to build brand awareness. 

In a nutshell, here’s what we can do for you: You spend your time in person with your local clients and build your brand in your region. Joseph Studios takes the reigns to extend your reach inside and beyond your immediate territory, building a strong reputation for your brand and your company. What’s holding you back? Contact Joseph Studios and move those barriers today!


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