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Choosing a Web Hosting Vendor- Build a Website: Part 5

One of the most critical decisions you will make is your web hosting vendor. Choosing a web hosting vendor who represents your best interests is surprisingly difficult, and understanding who’s out there and what they offer is time-consuming and takes a lot of trial and error. Here’s where we can provide an incredible amount of value to you. All of our clients have come from one solution or another, and we had the opportunity to

How to build a professional website: Part 4 – Choose a Domain Name

In recent years a lot of new top-level domain names have become available. **By top level domain name we mean the .com, .org, .net. What’s interesting here are these top-level domain names have dramatically expanded beyond the simple and old…  Now they include things like; .fitness, .Blog, .church,, and .band! How cool is that! The point here is pretty straightforward, your options for which top-level domain you choose for your website are much more

How to build a professional website: Part 3 – Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

At this point you should have a solid understanding of your site’s flow and how users will interact with your website. You should also have a solid understanding of what your website’s look and feel will be. **If you’re not to that point yet, and you haven’t checked out part one and two of this blog series on how to build a professional website, here’s a link to those posts. MVP: The next step in

How to build a professional website: Part 2 – Mock ups

Build Website From Scratch: Part two – Mockups What are mockups? Mockups are quick drawings of user interfaces (UIs) -this typically means browser screens. They typically show the layout of your webpage and the various buttons and options presented to users. They show you where these buttons and options are placed on the page, what  text fields or buttons exist, and any other features of your website. Having solid mockups will help your web developer

How to build a professional website: Part 1 – Site Flow

Welcome to the blog! Over this series we will be talking about how to build a professional website. Let’s get down to it! Site Flow The first thing you should consider when building a website; isn’t graphics, isn’t banners, isn’t ad placement, and isn’t the products you’re going to sell. It really should be site flow. So what is site flow? Site flow and site flow management describes how users are going to interact with