Website Redesigns

August 03, 2018
by Daniel Klein


Having a modern and professional website is key to drawing in new clients and growing your company.

The look and feel of your website matters just as much as your attire matters during a job interview.

Equally important, having a modern website will help your company make future changes and upgrades more cost effectively.


Lets take a look at what can be done.


  • This website was for an online LMS e-learning website.

  • The project took approx 6 weeks from launch to go-live

  • The redesign effort cost approximately $7,500

  • We additionally wrote all their course content, produced about 50 custom videos, and published a 300+ page textbook using the course content. This effort took 6 months to complete and cost about $30,000


  • This website is for a $2 billion a year corporation and is used to train all their warehouse employees on internal processes, OSHA compliance training, and provides general HR courses

  • The redesign took approx 4 weeks to complete


  • This website is a simple 4 page website with an integration into a MLS service

  • This website represents the smallest type of website rebuild we consider

  • The project to rebuild this site took 2 weeks to complete and cost approx $2,500


  • Are these results typical? -Yes.

  • Can you achieve similar results? -likely

  • What’s the benefit? -more visibility through organic search results and cheaper conversions

  • Can we help you if you’re on a website that’s based in; C#, PHP, JS, Wix, SquareSpace, or WordPress? -Absolutely



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