“If I started out saying that Joseph Studios was a blessing for our start up then that would be a gross understatement”

-Victoria I.

“Joseph Studios delivers amazing results for an affordable price. Their clear communication, valuable suggestions, and smooth workflow make the project effortless”

-Tangya G.

“Joseph Studios took the complexity out of online marketing and made it easy for me to understand”

-Victor A.

Instructional Design Experts
Instructional Design Experts

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Instructional Design Experts

Case Study | Success With Joseph Studios

Case Study

A client of ours recently chose to engage with us for email marketing. They had an initial email list of approx. 5,000 subscribers when they first came to us and no email marketing program in place before we arrived.

When we began working with them, we first took a strategic look at their offering, the people they typically did business with, and their brand’s look and feel. After meeting with the client and confirming our initial assumptions, we set out to begin their email marketing campaign.

The first thing we did was send an initial email to everyone for the purposes of checking for bounces and to confirm consent. In doing this we were able to reduce their overall list size by 1,400 subscribers. We then sent segmentation emails out to the entire list to begin tagging each subscriber by what they were most interested in from our client.

Initial Results: it’s important to note that even during the initial segmentation process our client was beginning to see leads coming into his pipeline. The first segmentation email’s topic was on buying a franchise and within the first 24 hours of the email being out, our client collected 25 new sales leads.These leads hadn’t just clicked on the call to action in his email, and not just visited his site and entered their information into his contact form, but had left long and detailed messages about how they wanted to buy immediately and the zip codes of where they wanted to buy. These were 25 incredibly hot and ready to buy leads for our client to follow up with. Each client represented a purchase of $50,000-$1 million dollars and 250K+ in revenue for our client.

Our next steps after segmentation were to provide emails that spoke to each user group. These emails were designed to educate the readers and help them cross the barrier from curious to interested.

Now for you and your company’s campaign this may look different based on your specific needs and situation, but to surmise we can absolutely vouch for the effectiveness and capability of our email marketing subscription. These continued efforts have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars for our client.

Over the past few years his business has slowly faded away. Now, for a while he was going great. He managed $40k/mth in sales, and his competitors were doing a million in sales a year, but when the market for his products suddenly shifted, he didn’t have the marketing ability to change his positioning and his competition did. He went from doing $80k a month in business to under $6k a month.

When we arrived, things couldn’t be worse. The owner hadn’t made a sale in two months. We began by pulling audits of his current situation to gather data and metrics we could later use to see if what we’re doing is actually helping. We then got to work fixing some critical flaws on his website that our tools showed were distracting customers from making purchases.

We met with him every two weeks to regroom his priority list and check on how many hours we’re used to see if it all still made sense. Initially it was a serious investment for him. Those freelancers really messed him up bad and his lack of a marketing specialist had put him behind strategically, but he finally recognized that a true investment is what was needed.

Within the first two weeks we had fixed his critical website issues which were causing a large number of leads to leave the site. Within two months we had fixed all his SEO issues, and within three months he had 105 organic backlinks going to his website; both accomplishments now drawing in relevant traffic with paying customers.

Now he’s closing sales again and is on track to regain his old sales numbers in within the next two quarters. He’s also in a position where he only helps customers and runs his business. He no longer hast to be a renaissance man because he has us as his team of experts.

Now, within 2 months he’s back to $6K a month profit and we’re seeing steady growth back to his $80k/month goal.

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