As a form of paid media, influencer marketing implies that you work with someone that has a following on social media and can promote your brand or products to their audience.


When working with an influencer, the best strategy is to use someone whose audience already resonates with what you have to offer and fits into your customer persona. For this reason, micro influencers (those with a following between 1,000 and 100,000) are the best way to go and we can connect you to them.


Joseph Studios engages with influential brand leaders on your behalf. We can get your products or service in front of tens of thousands. Our influencers are content-hungry and we do the research to ensure their audience is ready to hear your message and ready to buy.


Organically reach up to 50,000 people per month ready to hear your message. Larger audiences can be reached as well. You get monthly reporting on progress and metrics along with this service. And Bi-weekly sync meetings with your assigned marketing coordinator to plan and strategize.


After starting our influencer marketing program, our customers see a strategic rise in revenue.


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