Why Agencies Provide Better Marketing Management?

April 11, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

As a business owner, you are responsible for every business task that contributes to the bottom line. A business owner is responsible for payroll, sales strategies, legal and financial matters, marketing and so much more. More and more business owners are choosing to outsource their marketing. Not only is marketing time consuming to a business owner and its employees, but the marketing industry has become more competitive than ever. For your business to be successful, you need to implement the best marketing plan possible. Marketing is what makes your brand stand out from the rest. With the internet today, there is more competition than ever for the visibility of your brand.

Business owners choose to outsource marketing for many reasons. Outsourcing your marketing to an agency saves you lots of time and money. In addition, marketing agencies have a ton of knowledge in the industry, creating the most innovative, beneficial marketing plan for you and your brand. Most importantly, marketing agencies provide better marketing management.

Marketing Management And Strategy

Agencies understand the importance of your business and they also understand you can cancel the contract at any point if the expected results are not delivered. Therefore, marketing management is their Niche. Most marketing agencies have a person on the team that is completely committed to the strategy. This strategy manager is the person responsible for your marketing management. Agencies are much more advanced when it comes to your marketing management because they have a specialist for every marketing strategy. Is SEO a part of your strategy? You got it. Social Media? We got a specialist for that too. Whatever it is, there is someone dedicated to every single part of your strategy.

When you have someone that is an expert on a specific marketing strategy, you are guaranteed excellent results. For example, if social media is part of your marketing strategy, someone that is an expert in social media will be managing it for you. This person is highly knowledgeable about the latest trends in social media, creating the best strategy for your brand to stand out from all the others. If you have an in-house marketing manager, this person is probably diverse in their marketing skill set. This isn’t a bad thing, but they are not focusing on one part of your strategy, they are focusing on the big picture. Marketing agencies have specialists that work independently on parts of your strategy but come together to create the big picture of your marketing strategy.

The Bigger The Team The Better

One of the negative things about having an in-house marketing team is that they often get caught up in work and fall behind. There is a lot of work that goes into marketing. When developing a marketing strategy, you need to research what your competitors are doing, the current trends in marketing, your target audience and the best way to reach them and the overall cost of the strategy and the best tools to use to execute your strategy. After research, you must implement the marketing strategy. Depending on the strategy, this could take a lot of time. In addition to implementation, you have to keep track of the success of your strategy. It is important to keep track of the metrics to determine what marketing strategies are successful for your brand and what is not.

An agency excels at time management because they have the team to do so. Not only do they have the team, but they have accessibility to tools that businesses might not. These tools increase productivity. The more time a marketing team has, the more time they have to dedicate to creativity.  Businesses often outsource their marketing because it seems as if their internal marketing team threw together a marketing plan because their deadline was approaching. A marketing agency spends a lot of time creating your marketing plan. Through extensive research and planning, an agency strives to make your marketing strategy as creative as possible.

Reporting Of Marketing Results

Agencies provide better marketing management because they have to. A great thing about a marketing agency is if you are unsatisfied with the results a marketing agency is giving you, you can fire them. However, it is very unlikely that you will be unsatisfied with their results, you will most likely be impressed. But it takes a lot to fire someone internally and go through the entire process of hiring and training someone new. Having turnover in your marketing department is not beneficial to your business because it sets back your entire marketing strategy.

When you work with a marketing agency, you can have access to results whenever you need it. Most marketing agencies give their client a monthly report to show the numbers that have increased. If you hire a marketing agency for email marketing, you have access to the email list growth and how useful email marketing is for your business. These reports will show you not only the list growth, but the open rate and you can directly see the correlation of an increase in sales from email marketing. An agency provides better marketing management because they know they have to show you the results, so they are motivated to give you the best results possible.

Work With An Agency

At Joseph Studios, we take pride in our marketing management skills. We have a team that is full of specialists. Our team is made up of experts in marketing strategy and experts in social media, content development, events, SEO and email marketing. We take pride in our team that is full of creative, innovative marketing experts. As a client of Joseph Studios, you have access to a third-party reporting system, so you can see for yourself that what we do is effective and complete. We understand that marketing requires a lot of time which is why we want to help by taking that time off your shoulders! Our team is passionate about our clients and what we do to help them. If you are interested in working with a marketing agency, contact our team today.


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