Why You Need Inbound Lead Generation

September 17, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

Inbound marketing combined with a lead generation is a powerful formula. Inbound marketing is a marketing technique that includes using content marketing, social media marketing, SEO and branding to draw customers to your business. Lead generation is using that content to generate leads via e-newsletters or list building. 

All of this helps to build brand awareness, generate leads, and increase web traffic. This is extremely important for businesses today because you are organically creating content for your business, generating leads while doing it and you’re not even running any sort of campaign! It’s a win-win for everyone that paid advertising can’t beat. 

However, some people underestimate the power of inbound lead generation and as a result, are missing out on a tremendous amount of quality leads. Wondering how you can always benefit from an inbound lead generation strategy?

Being Consistent with Influencing

Whether you’re selling B2B or B2C, everyone is impacted by current trends, social media, and opinions in their industries. In fact, 74% of buyers reported that social media influences their purchasing decisions. 

Creating content for social media, blogs, etc., will only help you- not harm you. Have you ever considered how content influences buyers? Decision processes among organizations are easily influenced. Whether your content is seen by the top of the food chain in companies or the team that works below them, their opinions always influence the buying process.

Everyone in the organization comes together to make a buying decision. The directors or executives are the ones that call the shot at the end of the day but at one point or another, everyone gets a say. So creating content that contributes to the latest trends in your respective industry will always benefit your organization. 

Not only are you influencing others when you create content, but you are also building relationships. You could be building stronger relationships with existing customers, building relationships with new customers and even build stronger relationships with others in your industry. Why is relationship building so important? Well, of course, to grow your network and add to your client list but by doing so, you become “experts” in the industry. Every successful organization out their masters content development which is what makes them successful and reputable in their industry. 

Inbound Lead Generation Allows You to Be There When They Need You 

We all know businesses today move at a very quick pace. In the blink of an eye- a decision is made. This is because of all the content that is available at the touch of your fingertips. Think you don’t need inbound lead generation? Think again. By the time you and your sales team are ready to reach out to current customers or prospective customers, they have already made a decision. 

Wouldn’t you like to be the decision they go with? The key is to be one step ahead so when it comes time for your customers to search for your product or service, your business is the first to come up. This is done with social media. Connecting with your customers on social media allows you to put the content right in front of them. Instead of going and searching for your product or service it’s already there. 

Not only can your customers see your content, but you can see theirs. And it’s important that you actively listen. Perhaps someone in the organization posts on Facebook that they need your product or service. Without much effort, you are right there for them and that’s a lead right at your doorstep. 

Get Ahead of Your Competition

Competition for business is tougher than ever. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as going to a tradeshow and getting contacts to add to your database. Sure, you have tons of new contacts, but so do your competitors. Your competitors have the exact same database you do. So what makes your business stand out amongst its competitors? You want to stay fresh in your customer’s mind. 

This is where inbound lead generation comes in. Your customers are being bombarded on social media, through email and so on. Breaking the noise is key in order to get that first place spot in the competition. The content you deliver must be of high quality, innovative, and relevant. Otherwise, why would they waste their time reading? 

Did you know that the number one company ranked on Google gets about 33% of associated organic traffic? This is in comparison to the second position which receives only 18%. Ding. Ding. Ding. This should ring a bell to show you just how important SEO is. So IF there is this big of a difference just between the first and second search results on google, imagine the page to page difference. Inevitably, it is a huge difference. Do you really want to land on the third and fourth pages of search results? Surely not. Produce and deliver optimized content that contains links to other pages on your website that will close deals. 

Don’t Assume You Are at The Top

So you have their email in your database. Maybe they have even purchased your product or service. While this is all good news, hard work does not stop there. You are not at the top of the list for your leads. Your leads become busy and as mentioned, are bombarded by your competition, so assuming they will keep you in mind is only a loss of a lead for you.

Every piece of content you share is a chance to gain a lead and build a relationship. Each keyword that you rank for will help to increase your visibility on search engines. You might not get the customer you are expecting, but someone else will be interested. 

Inbound lead generation will help your customers to remember you and as a result, increase leads and sales. Don’t have an inbound lead generation strategy? Call the experts at Joseph Studios. We will analyze everything your competitors are doing and use that information to build a successful, lead generation strategy so you stay ahead of your competitors and increase leads. 


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