Partner with like-minds: working with a marketing agency that knows the CBD industry

August 08, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

Once CBD successfully conquers the legal hoops in any community, banners announcing the availability of their CBD products pop up all over from gas stations to health food stores, and even the trunks of soccer moms excited by a multi-level marketing distributor and ready to spread the word. How do you set your business apart from the masses? The answer is in your marketing. You want your brand to be the first one on the mind of your customers at the simple mention of CBD. A marketing agency in tune with the CBD industry is just what you need to get ahead of the rising competition.

Embrace organics

Just as harsh chemicals are frowned upon in many growing establishments and the cannabis communities, harsh direct advertising may receive the same effect. Organic marketing establishes your company as one of integrity and one to be trusted. That trust is for your knowledge, expertise, and the quality of your CBD line of products. How is this accomplished? Read on!


Utilize blogs on your website to demonstrate your expertise and expand the knowledge to your audience. Some blog topics may include:

  • Legal victories and advancements of CBD availability and your expanding market share
  • The latest research of CBD advances
  • Specific uses of CBD
  • Various dispensing options of CBD
  • Customer testimonials

You get the idea. The goal is to increase traffic to your website and entice your readers to hang around a little longer than a simple glance. You want to make your readers look forward to your next words of wisdom. While they are reading your blog, they may be enticed to explore more of your website, your products, and pricing. This is your opportunity to guide their way to purchase. You can even use your blog to plug individual pages on your website as part of that gentle guide. 

Social media

The majority of your customer base (all ages, creeds, and professions) has found their way to social media in some capacity, so you want to make sure your CBD business has a strong presence on multiple platforms, wherever your customers tend to congregate.

The first goal of social media is to get your audience engaged and active. You can accomplish this with reposted articles, news, polls, and even random questions. The next step is to interact with them once they respond. This engages them even more with direct interaction with the business to answer their question and comment. We found that the most successful social media campaigns are the ones that interact with their audience directly.

The next goal of social media is to entice your audience to visit your website. Ways to accomplish this are announcing the posting of your latest blog with just a little teaser on the post and a link to that blog article. Other lures are special promotions and new products to your line. Start with a very brief description along with a link to that product. Any announcement to drum up excitement and action leads to a successful social media post.

Email marketing

Even though it’s probably the oldest member of the digital advertising arena, email marketing remains highly effective against it’s younger marketing comrades. In fact, email is still one of the top producers of ROI when it comes to marketing. 

For one, email marketing is used to announce new blogs to your readers. Just like social media, you will offer just a taste of what is to come once they click that button to your website to read the entire blog. Next, just like social media, you can also announce any promotions and announcements. 

Some of your audience may not be as active on social media as they are on email, either by comfort, time, or ability to log in. Emails, on the other hand, are often viewed without scrutiny at the workplace in moderation. You want to make sure your customer stay updated, so keep email on your CBD marketing success plan.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

When someone is looking for CBD oil and initiates a Google search, how close is your company to the top of those search results? Sure, you can pay for a top position, but your place in line will only remain if you continue to pay every month. Once you stop paying, your business can slip from all visibility. 

With organic marketing, your company makes its way to the top by a combination of the content on your website and the activity on your site by others. The content on each page is first analyzed, then optimized with the particular keywords likely to be searched. The time spent on your website by your customers justifies the relevance. The algorithms take care of the rest. 

Once your company’s name reaches near the top of the list naturally (organically) for the intended keyword searches, it stays there longer without any ransom to be paid to the search engine gods. You maintain your spot by keeping your content and your audience active. That’s why the other marketing efforts are all encouraging customers to visit and spend time on your website. To see organic SEO at work, go ahead and google “organic marketing agency” right now. You’ll find Joseph Studios right underneath the ones that are paying for their place – only we used our SEO expertise to get there organically.


Backlinks are opportunities for posting a link to your site from another company’s website. Some companies barter these opportunities to promote each other to a new audience that shares similar interests. A CBD company may do a backlinks swap with a natural supplement or holistic healing website so both would benefit from promoting each other.

Another type of backlinks is within a conversation thread. I’m not talking about those who *BAM* post a company in the middle of every thread their mouse can reach regardless of any relevance. Visit any media site, and you’ll find at least five in the comments of any article. I’m talking about participating in a conversation that, for example, is speaking about the benefits of CBD and suggesting your business as a reputable source for quality products at just the right moment, just as a happy customer would recommend you over anyone else. 

Finding that CBD marketing partner

From marketing to website development and even Dispensary Tech course development, Joseph Studios has a foothold in building the brands of CBD and cannabis industries.  If you are looking for your business to shine above the rest, contact us today. The Joseph Studios team is aware of the legal implications/considerations to be mindful of that may catch a less experienced marketing firm by surprise.  Organic cultivation matched with organic marketing – what’s not to like?


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