4 Ways To Market Your Consulting Firm In 2020

April 13, 2020
by Deanitra Kuminka

This year has been nothing less of a challenge for people around the world. At the start of 2020, people all around the world talked about a global pandemic, with little time to prepare. Fast forward a few months later, and a pandemic is exactly what it turned out to be. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has set social distancing guidelines to prevent the spread of the disease. As a result, millions of people are left without jobs or forced to work remotely.

Americans had very little time to prepare for this pandemic. No one could have expected that it would hit our economy as hard as it has, and no one had a marketing plan in place to get them through these challenging times. In the midst of all this bad news, we have some good news: it’s not too late to market your consulting firm!

Maybe you had a marketing plan for 2020 in place, but it’s no longer relevant due to the restrictions. Or, perhaps you were a bit late on creating your marketing plan. Whatever the case, our team at Joseph Studios, is here to share a few ways you can market your consulting firm during the challenging times of this year.

Run Webinars

Within the past few years, webinars have become widely popular because it allows you to give a presentation without being at a physical location. This online event connects individuals to viewers around the world.

As you can imagine, webinars are a great alternative for presentations during the times of COVID-19. Webinars allow you to still connect with people as you planned, but it also maximizes your reach.

Webinars are a great way to showcase your services and are likely to draw more attention because video content is proven to generate two times more engagement. Webinars are also an additional way to help build strong relationships with your clients. Taking the time to explain your services, how they can help clients and answer questions are a terrific way to show people you care and truly want to help.

Give Podcasting A Chance

A podcast is a set of digital audio files that are available on the internet for downloading. Similar to YouTube, users can subscribe to the podcast so they can tune into the digital files once they are uploaded.

Podcasts are an effective marketing tool. You can think of Podcasts as a modern-day radio that are accessible with mobile devices. If you are not comfortable with making videos, podcasts are a great alternative, and they are easy to create. All you need is a high-quality microphone and headphones.

Additionally, podcasts are highly engaging. There is so much written content out there that it is best to have a variety of content. If you create written content mixed with videos and Podcasts/ videos, you can maximize your marketing success.

Be Active on Social Media

Almost every business has an online presence with social media; if not, you are WAY behind! You should be active on social media more now than ever. Not only do you have to be active on social media, but you have to be more intentional and strategic with your social media posts.

If you had your editorial calendar set in place and social media posts scheduled for this year, that’s great. But unfortunately, the content you had might not be relevant anymore. Why? Because news is changing by the hour. You might have a post scheduled for the next day that might just happen to fall at the wrong time. You will want to create and post content in real-time. Not only will this help you to stay relevant, but it will help you to keep up with trending topics.

You might also want to consider your posting schedule. You may be used to posting during the working hours of 9-5, but is this still effective? As people are working from home, their working hour’s change and people are working at all hours of the day. You might have to ditch your regular posting hours and stick to something a little more scattered throughout the day.

You may think this pandemic is a set-back for your business as you can’t meet with clients or potential clients face-to-face, but with social media, you can build more reliable connections.

At Joseph Studios, we highly recommend building connections in LinkedIn, to keep your sales leads coming in. Be persistent, and you might be shocked to see how on-track your sales are.

Create Content

Content development has been a vital part of marketing for years. During this pandemic, content marketing is one of the best ways for you to keep in touch with your customers and increase pipeline generation.

If you don’t have a blog page already, now is the time to implement blogs into your marketing strategy. Why? Because people have the time to read all your content!

Blogs are a great way to share your expertise with your clients. It also helps drive traffic to your website at no cost! Additionally, blog content enhances your social media presence. Rather than coming up with new original content, you can share your blog content on social media. All in all, blogs will help drive new traffic to your website and works closely with search engines and social media to do so.

Joseph Studios: Helping You Through These Challenging Times

If you feel lost and discouraged during these hard times, you’re not alone. How are you to know what steps you need to take to in these unchartered waters to be successful?

At Joseph Studios, we’re here to help. We want to help you develop a robust online presence, so your business strives not only during the pandemic but for years to come.

If you’re ready to power through these tough times and make the most out of the current situation, call our team at Joseph Studios!


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