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Reaching and influencing your target audience at scale requires an ever-increasing understanding of who you’re speaking to and what messages they need to be said to them. Our process and capabilities are highly focused on truly understanding who you need to reach and why. Everything else (the reporter, publication, or platform) is just a vehicle to reach the public effectively.

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It’s been a pleasure so far. The team is easy to communicate with; they’re responsive and have a lot of experience and capability of solid input on maneuvering through the marketing/branding aspect of scaling a business. I’m looking forward to continuing to see growing results.

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The Differences Between Organic Marketing and Paid Marketing

Organic and paid marketing and the differences between the two have been a hot topic in the industry for decades. With organic marketing, it’s all about the natural cultivation of relationships through a collection of means including public relations. At Joseph Studios, we live by organic marketing and its proven results.

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Marketing Basics for Small Businesses

In this video, we speak candidly about the challenges of implementing marketing, from strategies to PR, and lend our services as a lifeline.

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Joseph Studios Details the Public Relations Subscription Service

Our video highlights what to expect when working with a PR agency, and how to build a positive reputation with your public.

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What To Expect When Working With a PR Agency

Should your organization decide to work with a PR agency, there are a few things you must know. Number 1: PR is a marathon, not a sprint. Your PR strategy should be consistent and will deliver results over time and not right away. Again, the goal is to build a relationship with the public and create a strong, trusted brand and that will of course take time and won’t happen overnight. Number 2: PR agencies are dedicated to delivering outstanding results to its clients. You can always expect the work that is done to be done with great care and effort while the agency works in the best interest of its client. With that being said, it’s important to make yourself available to the agency so should they need any important information, they will have it on hand.

Prior to working with an agency, it also important to determine what you want from your PR agency. Is it brand recognition? Do you want to change the way the public sees your organization? Whatever it is, make it clear what it is you want to achieve so the agency can determine the best strategy.

Joseph Studios PR Service

Joseph Studios is a full-service marketing agency which offers PR services. When you work with our team, you can expect an exploratory call as a chance for us to better understand your goals and strategy. At that time, the team will listen to you, review your on-boarding questionnaire, and learn what you need the most. After this introductory meeting, you can expect to see products delivered to you 7 days after your on-boarding.

Our PR package includes 2 press releases per month that are written, proofed, and distributed. The press releases are distributed to hundreds of local, national and global media and press organizations. The potential reach for each release’s averages 34 million viewers. If you are a growing organization who’s B2B clientele learns mostly from well-respected professional publications, this is a great option for your organization.

If you are interested in PR services for your organization, do not hesitate to reach out to Joseph Studios. If you do not have a PR strategy in place, you are missing out on the very important and mutually beneficial relationship that can be built with your audience. To learn more about Joseph Studios and our other marketing services, visit our website.

What Are Press Releases And What Do They Do?

One of the main tactics that PR agencies use is press releases. A PR agency will write and distribute press releases to the media. High quality, targeted press releases are used to draw media attention to newsworthy events. These press releases are sent to journalists and the organization benefits from these press releases by gaining free publicity. The goal of a press release is to catch a journalists’ attention so that they will read and publicize the story to gain the publicity the organization needs.

So, what exactly goes into a press release? A press release can be about a company opening up a new location, or a non-profit organization sponsoring a service project, an event that is being hosted, or a company launching a new product.

What Does a PR Agency Do?

There are many different reasons why an organization may not have a PR professional. The organization might be new, too small or businesses might feel they don’t need PR at all. Some organizations also believe with all the digital technology, PR professionals can easily be replaced. However, this is very far from true and a PR team is essential to an organization’s success when it comes to their brand and reputation.

If your organization is looking to enhance, protect or build its reputation through the media, working with a PR agency is a great option for you. A PR agency will work to place your organization in front of the media, gaining tons of publicity in order to put your name in front of your audience. Public Relations agencies do a variety of tasks to gain publicity. Some effective tasks include writing and distributing press releases to the media, create social media strategies to respond both positive and negative comments in the media and promote any events, organize and coordinate any special events that may help gain publicity and help the business to grow its business contacts.

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