Social media; enables collaboration with other industry experts, fosters a sense of community for current customers, and drives new and reoccurring business to your doorstep, funnel, or website.

Is Social Media Marketing Effective?

Social media marketing is essential to every company’s growth and maturity.

As a business, you must always be present where your customers are to inform them of deals and news, but also to be there when they have questions or concerns. Being present and accounted for is critical for customer relations and having a social media presence enables this. Here are some key considerations:

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Social media; enables collaboration with other industry experts, fosters a sense of community for current customers and drives new and reoccurring business to your doorstep, funnel, or website.

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Social media marketing refers to gaining traffic or followers and new customers through social media sites. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest are all social media sites that businesses use in its social media marketing strategy to develop relationships with its audience. Social media marketing involves a strategy created to increase brand awareness and drive sales. 

Social media marketing can also be referred to as the process of sharing content on social media to achieve your marketing goals. Social media marketing begins with a plan. Social media marketing is something that is started out of the blue one day, if it is, its not being done correctly. This marketing strategy requires research to determine who your target is and the best way to reach them, create goals and how you are going to achieve them through social media and what is the message you want to send to your audience. Every business has a different social media strategy and it should be tailored to fit your brand.

If social media marketing is executed successfully, it has the potential to increase website traffic, build conversions, boost your brand’s awareness and build a relationship with customers. The goal is to engage with your audience on social media. There are many ways to engage with your audience and the more engaged you are, the better relationship you will have that will lead to higher revenue for your business.

Social media marketing requires a lot of time, planning, creativity and dedication. A successful social media marketing campaign will have creative, informative content, create a consistent brand image, plan content postings and utilize social media for content promotion. Because social media marketing requires so much time, many businesses outsource their social media to a professional.

A social media campaign refers to the usage of one or more social networks to achieve your brand’s marketing goals. For a social media campaign to be successful, you need to have good content. Content is what makes the entire campaign and what your audience will be seeing. Good Content will be a combination of written and visual pieces. 

There are many programs out there such as Buffer and Sprout to help with your social media campaign. These programs are used my many marketing agencies and help to measure the success of the campaign and execute it correctly. These programs help you with posting, to ensure posts are consistent and never missed. These programs will also keep track of all interactions such as likes, shares retweets, etc., One of the best social media campaign practices is monitoring. Once you have started the campaign, it is important to stay on track with its progress. If a social media campaign is not doing as well as you planned, something may need to be tweaked. Not every social media campaign will be as successful as others but there are ways you can change it to improve it.

When considering social media campaigns, it is best to work with a professional. Marketing agencies have social media experts who work strictly with just social media. These experts will have the tools and programs you need for your campaign and will know the trends in the industry and what works and what doesn’t. Marketing agencies have the skills needed to take your brand to the next level and expand your audience. By working with a team of professionals, you are guaranteed a successful social media campaign that will be worth the investment. 

Social media management is the act of monitoring your business on social media and engaging with others across all platforms. In the recent past, people referred to social media management as planning social media posts, generating content and executing social media strategies. This is all social media management, but it has grown in the past years. 

As a social media manager, you must develop content for posts and schedule these posts, respond to comments and engage in discussions that reference your business, and develop strategies to expand your audience. Analytics play a huge roll in social media management. Analytics not only show the success of your social media strategy, but it will help to show what posts are successful and show how many people are actually receiving your message. Engagement has become essential for social media management because consumers want you to respond to them. Engaging with your audience will prove to consumers you are not all about sales and gives you the opportunity to show your brands personality. 

Social media marketing strategy is a plan that includes what you plan to achieve from social media and how you are going to do it. Strategies are a way to guide your actions and helps to create content that is going to help you achieve your goals 

The first step in a social media marketing strategy is to set goals. Goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. By setting goals, you will be able to determine how successful your strategy was once you execute it.

Included in your strategy should be everything you need to know about your audience. By knowing your audience, you will be able to create content that they will like and want to interact with. Most social media networks will provide you with demographics which will enable you to refine your strategy.

At some point in creating your social media strategy, a competitive analysis needs to be done. A competitive analysis will give you insight as to what might be successful and what won’t be. In addition to a competitive analysis, a social media audit of your own networks needs to be done to see where you are most successful and what needs to be improved.

Once all your research is done, content can be planned. Before you get to creating content, it is important to schedule everything out and develop ideas that will flow seamlessly together during the campaign. This ensures your posts are consistent and planned out evenly. Once you have all the plans put together, content can be created. On Social media, content is everything. Without interesting content, your audience can lose interest. It is important to keep track of interaction and engagement. If there is an opportunity to interact and respond to consumers- it needs to be done!

Once content is posted, an evaluation needs to be done. By evaluating your campaign, you will be able to determine what was successful and can be used in the future. Or you can find what did not work and can be approved upon for your next campaign. 

The purpose of social media is to build a brand, increase the brands visibility and build relationships with potential customers and customers. Unlike in the past where consumers received information from brands by television, print ads and radio, people now use social media. Not only is social media a place for consumers to receive information but social media is a two way street. Consumers can now communicate with brands and vice versa. Engaging with consumers on social media is a great opportunity for brands to build loyal, long-term relationships with consumers. 

Social media allows you to reach a large amount of people and enables you to target a specific audience. Not only can you post information for a large audience to see but social media users now have the ability to share your content. This is different from any other strategies before because with the click of a button, your content is shared amongst hundreds and thousands of more people. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and Pinterest are the most popular social media networks by internet users. Your social media campaign will be most effective once you do research to determine your target audience and what network they are using the most. By doing so, you are able to reach your target audience more effectively. Social media is one of the best ways for a new business to establish their credibility. Social media enables new businesses to reach consumers in an inexpensive way. 

Organic Marketing on social media is essential for businesses today. In a world of paid social media posts, you will be surprised to know social media users prefer natural and organic posts on social media.

Organic marketing on social media is preferred by users because they feel appreciated and valued as a customer. Organic marketing is a cost effective, simple way to increase brand awareness. You can also use social media to boost your SEO strategy, making your page rank higher on search engine results. If you implement a strong social media strategy with effective keywords, you can also expect to see your webpage views increase tremendously.

Organic marketing is important on social media today because 88% of online users use the internet for online reviews. If a user on social media notices that you are more active and engaged with your followers, you are automatically more credible than a business that has a small social media presence. To maximize your strategy, it is important for you to put in the effort to engage with your audience. To engage with your audience, you can post content that is in the form of a question, respond to customer’s comments, or simply “like” or share others’ content. Organic marketing on social media will build a strong, long-term relationship with your followers. Although organic marketing on social media takes time, it will allow you to gain loyal followers that will be more beneficial to your business.

When creating your organic marketing social media strategy, it is important to be consistent on all platforms. If you can share the same content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, you are more likely to reach more people. It is important to be active on as many platforms as possible because it allows you to maximize your reach.

One of the biggest challenge’s businesses face today is standing out. With the internet and everyone on social media today, it is difficult to get your content in front of others. YouTube is a great way to stand out. YouTube gives consumers the chance to engage with businesses and the videos are the most informative and valuable compared to other posts. YouTube is an organic marketing strategy that will help you to boost your brand awareness and interact with your audience.

One of the many benefits of implementing YouTube into your organic marketing strategy is you are able to create a channel which users can subscribe to. If you post videos that are of interest, people can subscribe to it. The goal of creating a YouTube channel is to have as many subscribers as possible to increase your reach.  A video that is of high-quality sound and image is more likely to go viral on the internet than other posts are. Creating a viral post has to be interesting and compelling to a large audience. It is easier to create a viral video than it is to create content. The video must be informative, appeal to emotions, something out of the ordinary that is valuable to people.  Going viral is a goal for any business today because of all the exposure it gets. Going viral is how many companies such as Lyft and Facebook acquired their customers.

Another great thing about YouTube is you can create a video and then post that video to any other platform. Such as Instagram, Facebook, twitter or even your website and blog. By Being consistent among all channels, you are able to reach more people. YouTube videos are another way to increase the time users spend on your page, rather than giving them the option to scroll through written content.

Building a following on LinkedIn is vital to build your company’s credibility. When people want to know more about a company, LinkedIn has become the first place they look to. It is important to have your employees interact with your page is a simple and easy organic marketing strategy.

Employees should also be encouraged to add your company to their LinkedIn profile and encourage them to “like” and share your content. Having your employees in If you have a LinkedIn page, it is important to post regularly and keep your page current. 

Not only do you have to post your own content but engaging with other company’s is important too. LinkedIn is a networking platform, so it is important to connect with other companies to build your network.

If you boost your productivity on LinkedIn there are many opportunities for your company. Most importantly, you will be seen as a leader in the industry. By engaging with other companies, and sharing rich content or content about your business, you will stand out on LinkedIn. A lot of businesses are focusing on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to reach their target audience but completely leave out LinkedIn. By posting content and staying active on LinkedIn, you will increase your followers and company’s credibility.

In addition, you will notice an increase in website traffic. Once you get a view on your LinkedIn, you are likely to gain page views because people will want to know more. Many times, a person will look not only at your LinkedIn, but your website and other social media pages too. It is important to be consistent and up to date on all information, to retain this following and gain new followers. Organic Marketing on LinkedIn is extremely important to build a strong following.

Twitter is where people go to get the news nowadays. In addition, twitter is a great platform to connect with your audience and develop your brand awareness. If you continuously post on twitter, there are many things you can expect. Posting your own content on twitter is an excellent organic marketing strategy because twitter is a word-of-mouth platform. Your content on social media can easily be shared and put in front of someone else to see. Twitter allows you to build an organic following to gain the attention you need to increase your brand awareness.

Twitter also has many ways you can increase your visibility on search engines. Twitter users utilize twitter for search, so it is important to use keywords not only in website and blog writing but twitter posts too. You can also use hashtags to incorporate keywords or create a branded tag like Nike’s #JustDoIt. Branded hashtags are a great promotion tactic and will increase your brand awareness as well. 

Twitter posts are a great way to promote your website, blog and other social media pages too. If you post your webpages in a tweet, you are likely to see your website page views skyrocket. If you are consistent with keywords in all platforms, you are almost guaranteed to see your page rankings improve. Organic marketing on twitter will also allow you to build relationships with influencers in the industry. Building a relationship with an influencer is a huge organic marketing opportunity because of the followers they have. Once you have a relationship with an influencer, the more likely they are to share your content with their large following. Influencers have a huge impact on twitter and if a follower of theirs see’s your content on their page, they are likely to be interested in your page.

Instagram has become the most popular social media platform for users that are between the ages of 18-40. Brands have recognized the potential of Instagram because of the massive following potential. Nike, for example, has 70 million followers. If you have a strong organic marketing strategy, you too, could have a large following like Nike. A large social media following is important to increase your webpage views, sales, credibility and much more. The more followers you have, the more brand awareness you create, that ultimately leads to sales. When it comes to followers, there are two ways you can gain followers: Paid and organically.

Organic marketing on Instagram is much more effective long term. Although paid marketing on Instagram will get you followers quicker, the followers aren’t likely to be interested in your page, so eventually they will unfollow and never be of value to you. The followers you gain organically are the important ones, the ones you will have more of an effect on.

One of the most popular organic marketing strategies on Instagram today is partnering with influencers. Almost everyone is on social media, including celebrities. Influencer marketing is an affordable way to increase your following. An influencer is someone who has a large following. Influencer marketing is so popular in marketing today because a it is an excellent word of mouth strategy. An influencer’s followers trust the influencers recommendations, much like a friend’s recommendation, increasing your page views and following. In addition to influencer marketing, another effective organic marketing strategy on Instagram is giveaways. Giveaways are giving a product away in return for a follow, page like, share, or comment. Everyone likes free stuff, which is why it has been so effective.   The key to having a successful Instagram page is posting valuable, interesting content for your followers and using hashtags effectively. By having a successful organic marketing strategy on Instagram, you are more likely to see your website page views increase too.

A social media influencer is a person that has the ability to influence consumers purchases because of his or her authority and knowledge. A social media influencer is someone who has a large following usually pertaining to a specific niche. For example, there are fitness influencers, beauty influencers, fashion influencers etc., 

Social media influencers have become a trending strategy in the marketing industry. Social media influencers usually have a blog or some sort of content that readers use to gain information. Social Media Influencers are a great part of a marketing strategy because in this blog and content of theirs, they review and promote your product for their mass following to see. Not only does this help reach your target audience but consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service that is recommended by someone that they trust. Word of mouth marketing is the most effective marketing strategies after 92% of consumers say they trust word of mouth marketing over any other type of advertising. Since these influencers worked hard to develop the trust and relationship they have with their followers, it is important to pick an influencer that is best for you. An influencer will most likely only partner with you if your product or service is one they would likely use. It is also important to research the influencers followers to ensure their following aligns with your target audience. There are many influencers out there, but it is important you do your research before partnering with one.

In addition to the effectiveness of this strategy, it is an inexpensive strategy and has a high ROI. On average, businesses generate $6.50 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a great investment for any business. Influencers can help you grow your brand and become recognized.

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