5 Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas to Get You Out of Your Slump

November 19, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

The holiday season is the perfect time to connect with your customers in a jolly way, and well, a perfect time to generate more profits in one weekend. Most holiday campaigns are based on a marketer’s own experience and style. Therefore, you can never go and label a certain way of marketing worse than the other. 

While some marketers may prefer taking an early start on the campaign, the others just prefer to use an intense boost of organic and paid marketing right before the holidays. However, the purpose stays the same, to boost your sales and generate a lasting organic flow of traffic.

When you have worked as a marketer for a while – you find the ins and outs of creating a captivating marketing campaign. However, if you are new to the concept or haven’t been able to find something that works, yet. Don’t fret.

Here are 5 captivating Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas to get you out of your creative block:


Get Creative With Instagram Ads


Instagram is one of the most highly engaging social media platforms, mostly because visual stimuli have the power to engage the audience. With Instagram’s sponsorship and marketing tools on the rise, it has come forward as one of the major platforms to assist any kind of marketing.

Especially during the holiday campaigns, you have to interact with the customers using holiday-related illustrations and taglines. With Halloween just creeping around the corner on us, Instagram can be a great platform to sell costumes, accessories, gadgets, and more.

All you have to do is make up a creative and engaging marketing ad campaign. Make sure it’s filled with all the right details, product descriptions, product images, and external URLs to your digital platform. Through a budget of only a few hundred dollars, you’d be able to reach a couple of thousand people. If your products and campaign are engaging enough, you will soon be able to observe a reasonable flow of audience towards your website. 


Amplify Your Remarketing Game 


Remarketing is such a robust technique that it has the power to alienate your audience with excessive views. While excessive marketing may alienate your audience, it’s always a great way to instill urgency in the customer’s mind. 

When a customer sees your product, again and again, it will help in:

  • Building brand familiarity between greater audiences. 
  • You can calculate your marketing responses and see what works well.
  • A chance for you to present your exclusive products to your potential audience.

Moreover, remarketing gives you a chance to remind your potential customers that they left their shopping cart without checking out. During the holiday season, people are making fast decisions and there’s a sense of urgency when people are going back home. This makes the holiday season a mandatory season for remarketing because it’ll remind people of what they need to buy. And given their sense of urgency, they’ll probably just buy the product from your website.

Lastly, make sure you’re remarketing on all the channels that you advertised early on. For example, if you had initially launched ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, make sure that you’re launching the remarketing campaign on the same platforms.


Conducting a Webinar – Holiday Themed


If your company is used to generating webinars, that’s great. If your brand hasn’t been into organizing webinars, well they’re a great way to teach your audience in a more civilized manner about your products for the holiday. Consequently, leading to generating a potential spike in sales. 

Holiday Themed Webinars can act as a formal announcement for the potential audience about your holiday products. You can even tempt your attendees with a giveaway, gifts, or a gift card at the end of the webinar.

Moreover, you can also take advantage of other festive seasons by promoting seasonal webinars.


Ever Thought About Throwing a Holiday Party?


Throwing a party in these times can be really expensive. However, with smart planning and knowing who to invite, this can become a less expensive and more productive activity. Need a hint?

Well for starters, this party wouldn’t be for the general public. However, definitely aimed towards them. You can do this by inviting the Instagram influencers, lifestyle bloggers, health bloggers, and media people to your party. When you are inviting them to a Holiday Party and advertising your products along with it, you will definitely see a brand awareness building up.

Think of it as a collaboration, most bloggers and influencers on Instagram and social media love attending events. You can use that to your benefit, invite them to your holiday party, give them samples of your products and let them deal with the rest. They will give you a shoutout while opening up your products in front of a camera and it will definitely benefit your brand. If they don’t give you a shoutout – you can always nicely ask them for it.


Do An Authentic Holiday Giveaway on Social Media


Last but not least is launching an authentic giveaway campaign on social media. You will probably be spending a bit on the giveaway but think of the reach it will have. 

You could ask your audience to participate in the giveaway by mentioning some of their friends in the comments, liking, and sharing your posts and wham! Soon your giveaway post will be flooding with comments from your audiences and in return, you’ll have an exponentially increasing post outreach. 

As an example, there was a YouTube comedian named Zaid Ali. As a fun campaign back in 2016, he launched a giveaway on Facebook where he said, “The last person to comment on this post will receive the latest iPhone.” Soon the comments, likes, and shares on his posts started to grow exponentially and to this day people are still commenting on the giveaway post. While this giveaway may have been a bluff, it was surely a useful tactic that helped us analyze human psychology. Consequently, helping us to generate a smart, and result-based marketing technique.

Before concluding, we hope that you were able to extract at least one or two useful marketing campaign ideas from this post. All you need is a mindset willing to implement a strong marketing campaign and it will get you out of your slump in no time!


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