5 Social Marketing Strategies You Won’t Want to Skip Over This Year

April 19, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

The goal of social marketing is to change or maintain the way people think. These 5 social marketing strategies will help to connect with your audience and give them the connection to your business they are looking for as a consumer. These 5 social marketing strategies are things you won’t want to leave out of your marketing plan.


Chatbots are becoming more popular and used among social media users in 2019. If you’re not already using chatbot’s, this is a strategy you don’t want to leave out of your social marketing plan this year. The Chatbot is a computer program that creates a conversation with human users. There are many benefits of a chatbot. A chatbot saves you and your employees time. A chatbot can respond quickly and efficiently to most questions’ users have. This allows your business to respond to more customers while producing productivity and decreasing costs by not hiring a team to communicate to customers. Not only will it be beneficial to you, but users won’t have to wait days for someone to respond to a question they have.

The Chatbot will also help to provide better customer service. Unlike employees who only work 8 hours a day and are unavailable once they leave the office, chatbots are always available. If a customer has a simple question late at night, it can be answered right away by a chatbot rather than waiting for an employee to get back to them the next day. It is frustrating as a customer to wait for a simple question to be answered. Customers who don’t receive a response in quick time are likely to never return to your business. Not only will chatbots help to maintain your audience but they will increase your customer base. Chatbots can answer many questions at once, helping a larger audience.

New and Improved Content

Content is what connects you to your audience.  A recent study shows that 70% of users believe organizations that provide good content are interested in building good relationships with their users. Standing out on social media is harder than ever with all of the paid advertisements and constant posts. Social media is also a great opportunity for businesses. If you can get your business to be seen among all the other posts, you are sure to see your sales increase. The key to getting your posts to stand out is the content you post.

Online users are no longer interested in paid or sponsored posts; it has just become another way to clog up their newsfeed. Users want to see posts that provide valuable and informative content that relates to them. Useful and interesting content builds trust with your audience. Customers are more likely to buy something from a business they trust.

SEO has become one of the most important strategies for companies today. The internet is the number one place for search. The internet is what leads potential customers to your business. Content creation is the most effective SEO technique. The more content you have on your page, the more pages the search engines has to index. The more information the search engines are provided with, the higher your chance is to become visible on search engines. And of course, the more content on your page, the more time users spend on your site. Google recognizes the time users spent on your site and consider your page more valuable. A great way to incorporate valuable content into your social marketing strategy is to create blogs. Blogs are a place for informative, valuable content. Creating a blog and then using social media to share the content is an excelling social marketing strategy.

Engage with your Audience

Social Media has made it easier than ever to develop a relationship with your customers. Social media is not a one-way street. Users are coming to your page to find information, but they also want to connect with you too. In a world full of paid advertising and sponsorships on the internet, users prefer companies that stand out from the crowd.

Engaging with your audience on social media is simple. You can create groups for your most interactive followers to form an online community. You can also respond to comments on social media or posts your business has been tagged in. consumers like to feel appreciated. A simple reply to a comment such as “I’m glad you enjoy our product!” is a quick and efficient way to make your customer feel appreciated. Engaging your audience is an easy and low-cost social marketing strategy you shouldn’t skip out on this year.

Partner With Influencers

Influencer marketing is a huge trend this year. Influencer marketing has become so popular because it has been a proven strategy to increase followers on social media. Influencer’s on social media not only have a large following on social media, but their followers trust their recommendations. Influencers on social media that recommend a brand to their followers are like a friend recommending a product. Of course, you trust a friend’s recommendation over a stranger. Influencer marketing is also a low-cost social marketing strategy that produces results.

Show Your Personality

Social media platforms are constantly adding functions to make connecting with your audience easier. 78% of consumers report that they prefer to get a know a company rather than being bombarded by advertising. Consumers want to know that there is more to a company than what they are selling.

Utilizing social media functions such as creating stories and going live show people you are more than a company behind a computer. The more a consumer can connect with a business, the more interest they have in the business. Going live on social media is a great way to interact with consumers. When you go live on social media, try showing users a day in the life behind the scenes, or stories to show the work your employees put into the business. This will show that your business is passionate about what you do and truly care about the customers.

To learn more about social marketing and ways to improve your strategies, talk to an expert today. For more inspiration for your marketing plans, visit our blog to see other trends in the marketing industry this year.


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