6 Lead Generation Strategies You Should Be Using Today

October 21, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

As we approach a new year, the marketplace has only become more competitive. Having a great product or service is simply not enough anymore. To be successful in a very competitive marketplace, you need a powerful lead generation strategy. Lead generation is a term that has become increasingly important in the marketing industry today. In fact, 85% of marketers say that lead generation is the most important element in their marketing plan yet not even half of the business owners today have an active plan in place. 

A potential customer that is interested in buying your product or service is considered a lead. To capture this lead, or get them to make the purchase, marketing agencies use numerous marketing tactics known as lead generation. 

No longer are potential customers coming across your ads in local newspapers or tv stations. Your potential customers are all online. Unfortunately, there is more competition than ever to have your business visible to your audience, because there are so many other businesses present online, who are also competing for the same customers. This is where lead generation comes in. Get ahead of your competition by marketing to the potential customers first to gain their attention. Here are some lead generation strategies you should be using today:

Utilize SEO

When potential customers search your product or service, is your website the first to come up on search engines? If not, you are missing out on a ton of business. Only 10% of search users go beyond the first page of search results when looking for information. You could have the best product out there but if it’s not first to come up in search engines, you are missing out on a ton of high-quality leads. 

This is where SEO can come in to help. SEO is a lead generation strategy that will help place your website at the top of the search results. So, when your customers are searching for a keyword that is relative to your business, your website will come upon the first pages of the search results. 

SEO is also helpful to customers because it provides great information, answers to frequently asked questions and it will help ensure that your writing is clear and concise. It’s a win-win situation for you and your customers. 

SEO is best left to a group of experts. Searching keywords can be tricky and investing in content writers that can effectively work in the keywords to your content will provide you with a great advantage. When you work with SEO experts, you can expect quicker, more effective results. 

Content Marketing 

We can’t mention SEO without discussing content marketing. Its always been important to write high-quality content but content nowadays should be optimized so you can enhance your presence in search. The better you are able to produce optimized content, the more you will see recognition by search engines. 

Blog writing is a great content marketing strategy. They help answer questions for your audience, help you to become a leader in your industry, and boost your rankings on search engines. 

Start An Email Newsletter 

Direct mail, newspaper ads, tv ads are all gone as the internet has become the number one place for communication. With that being said, more and more people are becoming active with their email. Businesses need to take advantage of email to build relationships with their customers. 

Email marketing is another key lead generation strategy. Email marketing is extremely effective as for every dollar you spend, email marketing has the potential to bring you a $44 return

Keep in mind that consumers don’t sign up for newsletters just for because you ask them to. They expect something in return such as the promise of exclusive sales, experiences, latest product launches or a rewards program. 

Include Call to Action Statements

Whether its social media, email marketing, a blog, or content you have produced for your website, everything that could have a call to action (CTA) should.

Say a potential customer comes across your blog. They liked the article and is even interested in your product, so what now? This is where the CTA comes in; it will tell them what to do next. For a CTA to work, it must be catchy and make the customer want to click the link.

Encourage Online Reviews

Imagine you are out of town, traveling to a place that you have never been, and you are looking for the best restaurant in town. What do you do? What most people would do today is turn to online reviews. 

You should want the same for your business. Consumers today rely so heavily on reviews so it’s important that there are reviews for your potential customers to read. You can even provide your customers with some sort of incentive, such as discounts, to motivate them to complete a review.  Did you know that 85% of respondents to a survey admit that they trust online reviews just as much as a recommendation from a friend or family member? This goes to show that any review you receive does matter. 

Maintain a Website

Creating a website is something that is an ongoing task. A website should always include content that is optimized for SEO and it should always be easy to navigate through. Consumers today appreciate a simple website that puts the information right in front of them. In other words: the less content, the better. Your website should link to landing pages that include CTA’s so you can capture the lead. 

At Joseph Studios, we understand every business needs to grow. The key to growth is lead generation. You are missing out on a great number of leads if your website isn’t visible to your potential customers. If you are unsure about how you are ranking on search engines or interested in boosting your rankings, talk to a team member at Joseph Studios. Don’t have a lead generation in place or don’t know where to start? Our team is here to help. 


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