How to Build a Network for Business

October 08, 2018
by Daniel Klein

Today’s world is all about who knows whom, and who do I have to approach to take my idea, my brand, or my business to the next level. We live in a time and age of connections. A robust network can make the difference between a Fortune 100 company and a no-name brand that will quickly run its course and disappear in only a few months.

Since we have such a deep well of knowledge and resources available online, it’s hard to tell sometimes which relationships are leverageable and deserve culturing and nurturing and which are not doing us any good. It takes time to separate what’s right for you and your business and what’s not, but the effort is worth the wait.

So, How Do We Build a Network of Leverageable Relationships?

Start by defining your key audiences and key stakeholders. After establishing the two categories and their fields of interests, start looking for the best people and companies in these domains and analyze their work. Check their bios, their portfolios and try to find out what they have in common and how they are all interconnected to one another.

It is the first step in your analysis which will lead to building your powerful network of leverageable relationships. If you persevere in your work, research, and analysis, you’ll quickly grow your web of valuable connections.

You Have the People – You Have the Relationships. How Do You Capitalize?

If you’ve already managed to find the people and the companies that most trigger your personal and business goals, then you are already more than halfway down the road in your pursuit of establishing a successful network.

After you have specialized people working in different fields targeting your interests, it’s all about putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Start by looking up who’s doing what, in what area and at what price. Try to see which of the companies in your network could be interested in these specific services or products.

Once you have established the first few leverageable relationships, things should quickly pick up from there, and your network’s ascension and reputation will skyrocket.

Learn How to Preserve a Network and How to Take It to the Next Step.

What got you here isn’t necessarily what’s going to keep you on the top. You must continue to improve yourself and your approach strategies to remain the top connection and the center point of your leverageable network.

Don’t forget to continually engage with your connections and never let them forget about you and what you can do for them. Always be the first name that pops up in their mind when they need something. It will establish you as a critical point in your interconnected network. Business will continue to grow while you’ll be fostering your leverageable relationships.


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