How to Build a Professional Website: Part 5 – Choosing a Web Hosting Vendor

November 27, 2017
by Daniel Klein

Choosing the right web hosting vendor who represents your best interests is surprisingly difficult, and understanding who’s out there and what they offer is time-consuming and takes a lot of trial and error. Often, the decision of which vendor a new business goes with can be somewhat arbitrary. You may not think that the hosting service matters. Ads for different services are often similar, and it knowing what really sets one aside from the other is not always apparent at first glance.

What Makes a Web Hosting Vendor Stand Out?

All of our clients have come from one solution or another, and we had the opportunity to work with several different hosting providers over the years. Some of them have been fantastic and we would recommend them again, others present more trouble than value for the client (serving their own interest more so than our clients -which we find unacceptable).

Skipping over all the ones that are terrible (we don’t want to get sued, after all), we have to recommend an organization called SiteGround. SiteGround is a really fantastic web hosting vendor for a couple of reasons:

1. Support

All other solutions have 24 x7 text and phone support, which is absolutely fantastic! There’s nothing worse than being on hold or waiting on a follow email from hosting tech support. Especially since the alternative is being able to pick up the phone, or open a chat window, and having someone help you out from any day or time of the week. Not everyone offers that but it’s absolutely fantastic to have.

2. Reliability

SiteGround has fast and reliable web capabilities. This ensures your website is always fast and always up, two very important things to viewers who have an expectation of only needing to wait less than three seconds for a page load.

3. Functionality

You’ll have access to many more of your cPanel apps. SiteGround has a large number of apps in your cPanel, enabling easy access to your email, all of your backend IT functionality, and much more advanced solutions like a staging environment for your WordPress site. In combination, these make your website more stable and lower your maintenance costs as a result of introducing fewer bugs into your website and having fewer questions requiring your domain host to answer or configure on your behalf.

4. Affordability

Is pretty darn affordable! For all of our business solutions, we recommend the Go-Geek plan, and by choosing this you get access to fast servers, hosting for a year, staging environments, premium support, …the list really goes on.

Get the Most from Your Company’s Website with Joseph Studios

You really need to do your research or go off the opinion of someone who has “been there, done that” when it comes to choosing a web hosting vendor. We’ve been building sites for years now, and we’ve gone with all sorts of different domain hosts for different websites, and the one we keep coming back to is SiteGround.

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