5 Ways Commercial Videos Can Grow Your Business

April 29, 2021
by Deanitra Kuminka

Video is everywhere. Don’t believe us? Think about the last time you pulled your phone from your pocket to watch a video. We are willing to bet it was within the previous 24 hours! Furthermore, when you enjoy a video, you’re compelled to share it with others and inform or entertain them as well. And from there, the circle of sharing continues. Now, think about the potential power of commercial videos.

With the rise of smartphones and social media platforms like TikTok, video content spanning endless topics has started to consume our waking lives. Mobile users spend almost 10 hours a day on their phones, and Cisco predicts that nearly 2% of internet traffic will consist of videos by 2022.

If it isn’t glaringly obvious, video is a necessity for a successful marketing strategy. As we cruise into 2021, we urge you to consider videos as a marketing tool. They are so important that we have included a video in this post to emphasize the importance of videos! If you are not yet convinced, here are five ways that commercial videos can grow your business.

Google Loves Videos

Here is another fun statistic for you, 92% of marketers who use video say it’s an integral part of their marketing strategy — up from 78% in 2015. Based on these numbers, it’s safe to say that virtually all marketers use video as a core part of their advertising strategies. The first reason being that Google loves videos.

Your website ranks on Google based on several very complicated factors, but a few simple tweaks can help you succeed. One of the ways Google indexes your site is by sending bots to crawl through it. Written text and blog pages take much longer to index, but videos take seconds for a bot to crawl. For this reason, Google indexes videos before blog pages.

According to Forrester Research, by adding an embedded video to your home page, you are 53 times more likely to end up at the top of a Google search. Do you know what else makes Google love videos? The fact that videos are shareable. When shared, they create a new backlink. The more backlinks you have, the higher you rank in Google. See the pattern here yet?


Videos Dominate Social Media

While Facebook is still the most popular platform, social media has evolved light-years since MySpace. What was once filled with witty comments and memes is now mostly filled with videos. Whether they be for entertainment, business, politics, or advertisements, it’s hard to scroll through your Facebook feed without coming across videos and fighting the urge to share them.

Platforms like TikTok and YouTube are video only. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, with Google reigning supreme. To keep up with the growing video trends, sites like Instagram and Facebook have launched special video sections called Stories, and even Twitter’s feed now has more and more videos showing up every day.


They Appeal to Mobile Users

We use our phones on average 10 hours a day. That’s more than we sleep! Since 81% of Americans own a smartphone, the chances of your video getting viewed on a mobile phone are pretty high. This is an excellent reason to use commercial videos to grow your business.

The numbers jump even higher when you consider that three-quarters of videos viewed on the internet are seen on mobile devices. We used to read magazines and have conversations while we were waiting in line. We now skip the tangible reading material and use our phones for entertainment. Creating marketing videos with a mobile appeal, like vertical videos, allows you to expose your brand to a large mobile base of viewers.

They Increase Conversion Rates

Visual aids engage all of our senses, captivating us in a way that blogs simply can’t. However, that doesn’t mean blogs aren’t beneficial because they undeniably are. But a surefire way to increase your conversion rates is to add videos to your blogs.

Consider this: If you are selling a product that isn’t straightforward, people will want to know how to use it and why they should use it. This is an opportunity to use commercial videos to grow your business. In creating them, users can turn to the how-to videos housed on your site. This gives them all the information they need and builds their trust and loyalty to your brand.

Studies back up this example. Seventy-four percent of users who watch a product-how-to video immediately purchase the product. By adding a how-to video to your product home page, your likelihood of selling the product goes up drastically.

Think about popular visual selling platforms like QVC and HSN and how successful they are. Have you ever watched a late-night infomercial? There’s a reason why infomercials and commercials are so successful. They create a call to action by telling a story that the viewer wants to follow. This is why adding a video on your home page typically increases the chances of converting a visitor into a client by 80%.


It Builds Brand Personality and Creates Trust with Your Target Audience

Influencers have an unbelievable amount of selling power. They now rival celebrities when it comes to endorsements. That is because they have built up trust with thousands of fans. Creating commercial videos gives you a chance to truly showcase who you are and what makes your brand unique and special.

Commercial videos also give your brand a relatability factor. You can use your image to appeal to others who can relate to you on a personal level. It is something influencers know how to cash in on. When people see someone on screen who is just like them, — whether it is a dad struggling with a home improvement project or a business facing a problem — they begin to empathize and become invested in the narrative, eager to learn the solution.

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