Are you ready for the future? How AI improves your marketing

August 06, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

Artificial intelligence (AI) has expanded beyond robots and has proven to be a valuable asset when it comes to marketing. Let us count the ways.

Product and content recommendations

Have you ever looked up a product online – perhaps did some research on Amazon – and you notice that pictures of that product and similar suggestions on your Facebook feed and even travel with you whenever you find yourself browsing? Artificial intelligence marketing is hard at work, learning your interests. It takes what it learns and directs you to make that purchase. This practice is active with Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify amongst others, to give consumers a highly relevant and personalized experience in their buying journeys. Sky even implemented a machine learning model that detects the customer’s mood and suggests content. AI suggestions are becoming so commonplace these days that customers may even be disappointed if they fail to receive related recommendations. 

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Since 2015, artificial intelligence has had a profound impact on marketing and the quality of the search experience. Google pioneered the practice, and many e-commerce websites have jumped on-board to make product searching smarter. 

Today everything from the content on your website to the traffic activity contributes to your placement in the order of results from any related keyword search. We build each web page with that AI capability in mind, ready to maximize our results without having to pay for our place on the list. 

On consumer sites such as Amazon, you may start typing a keyword to a product and halfway through the word, and a list appears to select your match. Another example is after clicking a product for more information, and you may notice a list at the bottom for items likely to be paired, or what other shoppers browsed while looking at the same thing.

Image recognition and visual searches

Target already has this artificial intelligence in play. Target partnered and integrated with Pinterest Lens. The app allows shoppers to snap a photo of something they see (anywhere), and Target will show something from their store that matches or complements the item.

Bots at your service

When a human cannot be there, a bot can usually get the conversation started if not resolved entirely. Bots have the internet to provide them with all of the data, search histories, and other information to elevate their performance higher than their human counterparts on many different tasks. The customer, often browsing after-hours, appreciates the access to assistance at their convenience.

Google Assistant app is an example of an interactive bot that has achieved voice interaction. Siri and Alexa are two other examples of artificial intelligence in marketing dabbled with other functionality.

Dynamic pricing

We all know about pricing fluctuations in tourism, with peaks and valleys in and out of tourist season. With the introduction of artificial intelligence, dynamic pricing has taken on a new form. 

First, dynamic pricing can be used to compare the pricing of competitors and adjust if the pricing is too high or too low. Next, AI can predict what a customer might be willing to pay based on their data patterns and adjust the pricing accordingly. With AI, a business can predict the level of discount required, if any, to land the sale. Airbnb is a prime example, using AI to aid their property owners to determine what price to list for their property.

Personality dynamics

Artificial intelligence can help businesses market to different personality types by tailoring the message from suggesting the language used in communication that makes a better impact on the recipient. 

Fortune telling

Predictive analytics predicts future trends with the use of extracted data. Artificial intelligence has been revolutionary with customer service experience. With these new models that AI provides, we may make decisions based on these models rather than reacting only to what has passed.

 Sprint and FedEx, for example, use predictive analytics to identify customers with the potential to defect to a competitor. AI predictions enable these companies to be proactive and remedy any frustrations before they reach the point of defection.

AI can also predict the best time of day to push an advertisement and the likelihood of a user engaging with that ad based on the placement.

Sales forecasts by artificial intelligence can help estimate product demand using data from sales, economic trends, and industry-wide comparisons.

Segmentation and targeting

Have you ever wondered why you don’t see many products for the opposite sex? Artificial intelligence is at it again with segmentation. With data like your browsing behaviors and purchases, marketers can segment and market their data based on that data. If you purchased from a company and filled out a profile identifying your sex, it will use that to your (and their) advantage. AI can be as basic as segmenting by gender or age, for example, but it can also be complex by identifying prior personas and purchasing behaviors. AI might even separate bikers from hikers!

Will humans be replaced?

Does all of this sound too good to be true? The answer is yes, and no. Artificial intelligence enables marketers the ability to engage with customers in a personalized way that is meaningful to them.

You have been affected by artificial intelligence in your content marketing for years. Artificial intelligence is making tremendous advances with marketing in augmenting the ways we work, shop, market, and sell, but it has plenty of limitations. A huge benefit will be the reduction of redundant and tedious tasks. That said, I am confident that AI is changing the way that business gets done in a multitude of aspects in addition to marketing. Now it’s time to intentionally apply AI products to deliver personalized experiences to your audience and beat your competition.

We at Joseph Studios are already implementing several artificial intelligence machine learning algorithms in our marketing solutions. The key is balance and finding that perfect combination to enhance the marketing efforts for your business and your customers. Our services are not one-size-fits-all. Each customer has a customized strategy to get the best results. Are you curious? We would love to talk more about how artificial intelligence marketing can get your company noticed! Talk to us today!


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