Progress never stops – How AI Will Change the Future of Marketing by 2021

August 13, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

That was then… 

Think back ten years ago. What did artificial intelligence mean? Oh yeah! The Terminator movie franchise, where we hear Arnold Schwartzenegger say, “I’ll be back.” That was pretty much the level of common knowledge about AI in marketing back then. We were looking…searching for a way to use that phrase. We also never thought we would see what we see today, and artificial intelligence was imagined to be what the image is above a robot. Little did we know, right? 

Also, ten years ago, the word cannabis was so taboo that people had code names to identify it. Today we can say it freely and even go so far as to distinguish different brands or strains in many circles as legal acceptance continues to evolve around the United States.

How much more, bigger, cooler can AI get between now and 2021? Only AI can predict that anywhere close to accurately, but we can keep our eyes open today and embrace what we have available to increase our comfort levels and advance as artificial intelligence does in the marketing realm. 

This is now…

Raise your hand if you or anyone you know has Alexa in their home. How about those of you who talk to Siri or Google Assistant on your phone? If someone was to ask one of these tools about your product or your particular brand, what are the odds that any of these tools would know how to respond? If you are scratching your chin right now wondering the same thing, you have some catching up to do already – and that’s just ONE example!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is another example that uses analytics to rate your company against your peers. Those analytics rank you and your competition in order by the performance and activities of your website and those who visit.

It starts with data

Artificial intelligence is built with and learns from data, so we must feed it information. With that in mind, how much data do you have about your customers? What methods do you have to collect data from your current and potential customers? Ten years ago it might have been a book at the check out counter to join your mailing list. Today we collect data electronically from sales records, sign-up lists, and trades for useful information such as articles and white papers. 

Predictive intuition

Artificial intelligence uses data to record and predict human behavior based on the algorithms of prior actions. AI can assist with sales forecasting, digging deeper into customer insights while growing its data at the same time to provide valuable results. Using these algorithms, AI can tailor the marketing experience to catch the customer at the right time to make their purchase, with your brand right upfront. 

Making it personal

Did you ever believe in a million years that artificial intelligence will one day be used to improve the human experience? Well, today is finally here!  Data is used to personalize the sales experience, and artificial intelligence makes those connections to appeal to human needs and even emotions. Marketing campaigns can segment by the data collected. 

For instance, if you find that a specific age group prefers a particular product over the others offered, you can target them for special promotions based on their favorite. You can do the same by demographic or gender if you have that data. If a CBD distributor has data about their customers and the ailments they are treating, for instance, they can strengthen their relationships with those customers by providing useful information to their specific needs and interests to build trust and loyalty with the company.

Google, the leader when it comes to AI and analytics, records data on user browsing and searching. We mentioned their involvement in SEO, but they do much more than that. Google uses data to personalize ad content that comes to your customers as they are browsing. The content is tailored to match what customers were viewing or searching previously, and the results follow them from one website to the next. Expect to see advancements and even more intuitiveness.

Be transparent

With the collection of data for nefarious use, trust has a long way to go with your client base, especially with the new acceptance of CBD treatments working to overcome the stigmas associated with cannabis use, for example. When collecting data from your customers, clearly state your intentions with their data and gain their consent by providing a checkbox or button to imply their knowledge and permission to use their information for your stated purposes.

Keeping the lights on

Any business that caters to the public’s personal needs must be available when they are shopping and have questions. That means the 9-5 work schedule does not apply with personal business. Lucky for us, though, artificial intelligence is reporting for duty. The AI chatbots are at your service when you can’t be. Chatbots can be programmed to answer the basic questions for your customers and collect information for you to answer when you return. Expect to watch this AI technology continue to grow and offer even more exceptional experiences to your customers.

It’s not too late to jump on board

Artificial Intelligence trends continue to demonstrate how the game of marketing has and continues to change. E-commerce is an early adopter of artificial intelligence, and many industries have now automated their processes with the help of AI. AI trends continue to prove their value in the potential to offer excellent opportunities to grow your CBD business through improved lead quality, content delivery, analytics, personal messaging, and strategy, among others. 

As the new CBD industry expands, for instance, your pioneering business can quickly fade into the masses if your marketing doesn’t raise you to the top soon. Organic marketing today can hold your company above the others tomorrow without the need for purchasing your way to the top and being held captive. Joseph Studios is a top organic marketing agency, just the kind of agency you need to get your CBD company noticed above all of the others. Contact us to learn how we can customize a campaign to fit your specific needs.


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