How Joseph Studios is Helping Tech Companies Qualify For Investment Funding

January 30, 2020
by Deanitra Kuminka

Whether you are looking for ways to stand out from your competitors in a crowded market or you want to get those investment funds flowing for your tech startup, either way, Joseph Studios has your back. As a tech company owner, if you think you are wearing too many hats and would like us to help you score the right channels for investment funding, we will be happy to help you with that as well.

At Joseph Studios, our approach is straightforward, personalized, and yet highly exclusive. We study our client’s company and propose a solution while keeping their goals, needs, mission, and vision in sight.


You Handle Your Company and Product

When you come to us for assistance, all we shall need from you is your complete and utmost dedication to your business and your product. The better your product is, the less complex and breezy it becomes for us to help you score the right investment channels.

If you have a product that helps you stand out from your competitors, provides a solution to a problem in a proven market, and provides meaning to a consumer. You already have 80% more chances of scoring a reliable investment funding.

We will make sure that we utilize our latest tools and applications of digital media marketing to pitch your tech business and your product to your targeted audience under your segmented market.


We Propose the Strategy

We initially move forward with a detailed interview with our clients. During this period, you talk, and we listen. We note down your values, requirements, your current standing, and your future goals. 

After that, we analyze your requirements, current standings, and map them onto your goals and devise a strategy that is beneficial for your business. Whether you are looking for channels of investments or just looking for a solution to another problem, we will have your back every step of the way.

Our job is to propose a strategy, and we will only move forward with it once you are satisfied and want us to move forward.


Joseph Studios Likes to Follow A Conjoined Approach

We are not like other digital marketing agencies who like to take the driving wheel in their own hands. Instead, we operate according to your comfort. If you want us to be proactive and take the driving seat while keeping you in check, we will do that. If you want our assistance with your programs, we can help you with that too.

If you are only looking for occasional consultancy or need information about how investment funding works, our product and customer support team will get on it right away.


We Care So You Can Be Care-Free

Joseph Studios has managed to stand out from its competitors in a concise period of time because we sincerely care about your needs. We know that as a tech company, it can be hard to move forward if you do not have the right success roadmaps and the right means of funding at hand. That is why we care for our customers, so they do not have to fret about their problems on their own without doing anything about it.

We are here to help you get where you need to be.


We Get Your Product Out In the Open

Our aim is to make your potential audience aware of your brand’s name, your brand’s niche, and the product you are offering. 

Having a solid product and pitching it to the right audience is vital when you need to find mediums for investment. Our job is to help you get your product out in the open, where it will have exponentially higher chances of qualifying for investment funding.

We will also keep you up to date about any national or international business pitching drives, which have the sole purpose of investing in valuable businesses.


We Utilize the Application of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most important tools of marketing, especially in the tech world. People only trust and invest in products that are meaningful and the products which have a bright future ahead.

For similar purposes, influencer marketing is an excellent place where you can get your product out in front of an actual audience and have an influencer verify them for you. Influencer marketing is cost-effective because you can always gift your products to influencers who are on the same level as you and benefit from them. 

Besides this, if you do have a little budget to spend on influencer marketing, it would be a great idea to find an influencer that has your potential audience and get that influencer to verify your product for you. 

Our previous encounters with influencer marketing are proof that it can help tech companies generate sales and score investment channels in a very short time.


We Realize the Power of Social Media Marketing

Everyone uses social media these days, and everyone has access to it. Whether it is a video, picture, product, or a piece of news, the right information can get viral on social media in a matter of minutes.

For example, let us take an example of Fidget Spinners for an instance. Do you remember how quickly this little tech toy went viral? In only a few keyboard taps and few clicks, the whole world was drooling over this mysterious tech toy, even the adults. In short words, that is the true power of social media marketing.

If your product and company have got what it takes, you will be scoring complete and multiple investment plans in no time, let alone qualifying for some investment funding program.


We Create Campaigns Designed To Attract Investors

When we devise a strategy for your company, we study your business, and we study what kind of audience you wish to target.

We will create custom ad campaigns on social media, Google, and help you utilize the channel synergy of paid and organic mediums to attract just the right investors for your tip-top tech firm.


We Are Here To Stay, and We Are Here To Change the Game

We are confident in our expertise because we have already managed to score our decent share of customers who vouch for our authenticity and skillset.

Lastly, for any queries, please feel free to reach out to Joseph Studios by clicking here. 


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