Our Team

Founder & CEO | Daniel

  • Daniel comes with a deep understanding of organic marketing, growth hacking, and SEO.

  • He’s a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Lean Six Sigma BB, CSP, and CSM.

  • Daniel is an Airborne qualified Afghan War Veteran and dedicated father and husband.

Director of Operations | Hailey

  • Hailey is a phenomenal manager and marketing strategist

  • She comes to us with an amazing consultant portfolio and caring nature

  • Her ability to bridge the gap between Marketing Strategy and Delivery is exceptional.

Director of Social Media | Dina

  • Dina brings a fresh, creative, and professional touch to our social media portfolio.

  • Whether it’s designing and scheduling social posts for our clients or working with the rest of our team to implement a seamless brand experience across platforms and verticals, Dina is our go-to source for outreach!

  • Through and through, Dina is our social media guru.

SEO Manager | Veronika

  • Veronika is a fantastic team member and SEO guru.

  • She brings with her many years of SEO and digital marketing experience, working for the biggest clients in the US.

  • Veronika has helped deliver some amazing SEO results for clients and we’re excited to be able to extend her expertise onto your brand

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Director of Sales | Marc

  • Marc is a well known writer, Novelist, and people person.

  • He brings 20 years of client relationship management experience to the team and is the key driver behind the Joseph Studios mantra of solutions based projects, rather than “band-aid” fixes.

  • Marc is an Airborne qualified Army Veteran and qualified PSYOPS Officer.

Director of Marketing Strategy | Katie

  • Katie is our strategy and marketing director, and usually the final authority on campaigns and design.

  • She comes to us with an amazing consultant portfolio of work with past, large clients.

  • Her ability to bridge the gap between marketing tactics and overarching brand strategy is exceptional.

Email Marketing Manager | Val

  • Val is our powerhouse of creativity and fresh ideas

  • She’s worked for Fortune 50 and 100 clients to deliver amazing content rich products

  • Val is our go-to source for technical writing, email design, and content creation. Her ability to write as though she’s directly speaking to your audience is amazing

Content Marketing Manager | Katrina

  • Katrina is in charge of delivering content to our clients, be it for blogs or SEO.

  • She has a special gift for writing with perfect punctuation, grammar, and speed.

  • Katrina’s ability to tell compelling and captivating stories for our clients is beyond reproach!

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