Lets Play A Game! How Backlinks Work

April 25, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

Our team created a game to show you how backlink services work. The goal of this game was to show people how backlink services work rather than tell them. If you missed it, this is how the game went:


No shortcuts – follow along exactly how the instructions say to simulate a real person conducting an internet search.

  1. Open up a browser to Google.com.
  2. Copy/paste or type Organic Marketing Agency into the Search bar.
  3. Click Enter.
  4. Locate Joseph Studios in the list of results and click on our link.
  5. At the top of the Joseph Studios page, click Solutions we Provide and select ORGANIC BACKLINKS.

You can even pass this email along to others to get them to play along too. The more participation we have, the more significant the results we will have to reveal to you later.

Joseph Studios is currently on page 1 in positions 5 and 6. Now, how does one get their business to show up on page one not once, but twice? Directing traffic to your site actually affects where you rank on a google search.

How To Increase Clicks To Your Website?


Email marketing is a popular marketing strategy because it is inexpensive and an effective way to reach your customers and potential customers. Doing email marketing correctly can generate excellent ROI. Email marketing is also proven to increase clicks to your website. Having a healthy subscriber list with individuals who are likely to be interested in your product will ensure sales. In addition, you should also have a relevant landing page full of interesting content that is in sync with your email campaign. Providing links to your website in the mass email is what is going to drive page views.


Backlinks are links that go from another site to yours. Links demonstrate a site’s popularity. This is huge for Site Optimization because search engines will recognize the many links directed to a website. This will increase your rankings on search engines that will ultimately increase visibility to people who search your product or service. Backlinks are also to be created over time. Producing too many backlinks can alarm search engines and decrease your search engine rankings. Most importantly, backlinks shouldn’t be paid for. They should be created by a marketing expert. (Good news for you- It will save you money rather than paying for paid placement.) The goal of backlinks is to increase clicks to your website and if done correctly, you can see outstanding, continuous increasing results.


SEO is another essential marketing strategy. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s the process through which content online is organized so it appears as a closet to the top of the first page of search results like Google. Search engines such as Google and YouTube are how people receive information these days. The importance of SEO can be compared to a book in the library in the wrong section. If your book is misplaced in the library, your book is unlikely to be found. The same with SEO. If you don’t have SEO to support you, your website is unlikely to be found. SEO will ensure your business comes up in search results.

Social Media

The social media user spends about 8-11 hours on social media a day. It’s no surprise people receive information through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., Posting content with links to your website is an inexpensive marketing strategy to increase page clicks. Social Media is a huge marketing opportunity because it enables you to reach a large audience. If you really want to increase website traffic, it is important to come up with creative content for your audience to share (with a call of action to your website.) Sharing posts doubles the chances of your content being seen and will be shared with not only your audience but the audience of those who have shared your post.

Joseph Studios is an organic marketing agency that has a team of experts in each of these marketing strategies. Our team has produced incredible backlink results for many of our clients. Our other marketing strategies have grown our clients’ businesses to where they want to be. Our team is also all US based and we don’t use bots or machines for any of our work. This ensures our work is effective and will produce long-lasting results. If you want to increase clicks to your website, contact our team today!


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