LinkedIn Strategy Success: Joseph Studios and a Multinational Chocolate Manufacturer

Project Overview:

  • Project Type: Media Planning & Buying, Social Media Marketing
  • Duration: Mar 2023 – May 2023
  • Investment: Confidential

Project Background: A multinational chocolate manufacturer, one of the largest in the world, collaborated with Joseph Studios to implement a LinkedIn paid advertising strategy aimed at growing their follower base. The project involved the management of LinkedIn Ads campaigns and the provision of reports.

The Challenge: The challenge was to effectively leverage LinkedIn to expand the chocolate manufacturer’s follower base. Clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were established from the outset to measure success.

Vendor Selection: Joseph Studios was discovered through an online search. The client engaged with 2-5 employees from Joseph Studios for this project.

Project Execution: Joseph Studios provided expert guidance on the LinkedIn strategy, offering valuable insights to the client. They managed LinkedIn Ad campaigns and delivered structured work within the project timeline. The project management platform “Basecamp” was used for efficient collaboration.

Project Outcomes: The project successfully achieved the set KPIs of growing the follower base on LinkedIn. Additionally, the client received valuable guidance from the Joseph Studios team on their broader social media strategy.

Workflow and Communication: Joseph Studios exhibited a well-structured and timely approach to project management, using Basecamp for effective communication and collaboration. Virtual meetings were also part of the communication process.

Client Rating: The client expressed high satisfaction with Joseph Studios, providing top ratings in quality, schedule adherence, cost-effectiveness, and the likelihood of recommending their services to others.

In summary, Joseph Studios played a crucial role in helping the multinational chocolate manufacturer achieve their LinkedIn strategy goals, providing not only results but also valuable guidance for their broader social media strategy. This case study highlights the success of the partnership and the impactful outcomes achieved.


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