The Danger of Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen: Why You Should Listen to the Experts

July 30, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

Have you ever worked on a project before and asked someone to review it? How many times have you asked not only one person to review your work but maybe two or three? In the marketing world, it’s not uncommon for work to get passed along to multiple people. After all, this work will be presented to the public (for everyone to see) and the whole purpose of marketing is to build a strong brand reputation, so feeling confident about your work is important. But how many people are too many people to review your work? You may think all the extra set of eyes are handy when I reality, its actually harming your marketing efforts. Here are some ways too many people handling your marketing efforts can negatively impact your business. 

Inconsistent Voice

Have you ever seen a commercial and before you have even seen the logo or the name of the company that the commercial is about, you already know? Most people, for example, would recognize a McDonald’s commercial before they even saw or hear the name. Do you know why that is? It all comes from a consistent, strong, brand voice. All commercials are similar, with a different message. This proves how important consistency is in your brand voice. When you have multiple people handling your marketing efforts, it becomes difficult to remain consistent and you lose that brand voice. The goal is to remain consistent on all platforms. 

Interferes with Strategy

Failing to integrate a marketing strategy is setting your business up for failure. Your marketing strategy serves as a guide for your marketing plan and serves as a way to set and measure goals. When you have numerous people contributing to your marketing efforts, it becomes messy and difficult to stick to the strategy. Some of those that are contributing to these marketing efforts might not have ever set eyes on your strategy, which is why it ends up getting off track. People can begin to make suggestions that are irrelevant to that strategy your marketing team worked so hard to create. 

You Become Your Own Target

If you have multiple people in your business contributing to marketing efforts, you begin to craft messages that are tailored to your business rather than to your customer. Truthfully, the only way to understand what your audience wants to see and hear from you is from the help of an outsider. A huge benefit to working with a marketing agency is the outside, unbiased, yet professional input you receive. This objective view enables you to create an effective message that truly reaches your target audience. 

Complicates Flow of Project Completion 

As your marketing material gets passed around, it can slow down the progress of the work. Too many approvals can slow down things being finalized. In addition, you and others most likely have other things you can work on and it can put the success of other work in jeopardy. Keeping the approval process as short as you can speeds up everyone’s work and makes things a lot less complicated. 

Abandon Great Ideas

When you work with a marketing agency, you can trust that they have their clients best interest in mind. A lot of times, this requires out of the box thinking that might seem unusual to some. In fact, most posts that went viral on social media and gained a ton of attention were those that were so unusual. It’s easy for those who are not true experts in the marketing industry to believe some content is irrelevant and not effective, which would be a huge takeaway from the marketing experts. 

Pleasing the Wrong People 

When you pass along marketing work to a ton of people in your company, you start trying to please those who aren’t marketing experts. This might involve getting approval from managers, directors, sales, and whoever else. You may think their approval is valuable, but it could be just getting in the way of the final result which was created to reach your goals. While your managers, directors and other team members are helpful in other areas, their input isn’t always helpful if it is not their expertise. 

Leave It to The Professionals

We understand that everyone should have a voice, and that is important to Joseph Studios as well. But we believe you should trust your marketing agency to do what you hired them to do. We recommend that you hire a team of professionals, but still, keep your team in the loop. 

If you choose to work with a marketing agency, there should be a time and place for your team to brainstorm and contribute their thoughts and ideas. Any marketing agency would love to hear their client’s suggestions because after all, it is your business. Interfering with the strategy that the agency has already created, however, can be dangerous to your business. 

When it comes to your marketing efforts, leave it to the professionals and trust that they are going to help your business become successful. It takes time to build the most results, but more cooks in the kitchen do not build better results. Too many people trying to influence or control a project ends in the final result suffering. 

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