Why the Look (UI) and Feel (UX) of Your Website Matter

December 17, 2018
by Daniel Klein

The digital environment heavily influences Today’s business world. The websites and mobile apps of today are, at least in a sense, the digital representation of their respective companies. And by definition, the importance of a good quality website or app cannot be overstated. But competition in the digital realm is fierce. And as always, business is all about the consumer.

It is for this reason why your online presence needs to have both a good look and a good feel. Your website needs to stand out and not have any design issues, otherwise, risk being taken over by your competition. It is where User Interface (UI) and User Experience Design (UX) come into play.

What is UI?

Short for User Interface, UI is the process that focuses on the looks of a website or app by improving their presentation and interactivity. UI includes numerous elements of a site such as all the buttons, screens, pages, and other such visual elements. It also their color, shape, placement, etc. But keep in mind that all of these elements are usually designed with the target audience in mind.

What is UX?

The User Experience, on the other hand, refers to the overall experience a user has when navigating on your website. Customer satisfaction is the end goal here and can be achieved by avoiding user confusion and frustration. In other words, UX aims to anticipate the users’ needs and address them at the very core of the website or application. Designers need to structure its necessary components in such a way to facilitate ease-of-use and flow.

Many businesses focus too much of their efforts on their UI, whereas the UX may be more critical. And while development and programming do have their necessary parts to play, simplifying the website’s overall navigation is what’s eventually generating leads.

Why Does UI/UX Design Matter?

Business growth is the ultimate goal for almost every company and in the digital age, and UI/UX Design plays a crucial role in this. Both the User Interface and the User Experience work together on this one, helping each other out, and increasing overall customer satisfaction. UI/UX Design helps to win over consumers by encouraging them to use your website or application on a regular basis.

Start-ups and small businesses, in general, stand the most to gain from excellent UI/UX Design. Brand recognition is far easier achieved in a digital environment, resulting in somewhat of a more level playing field.


From a business perspective, it’s wise to focus your efforts and emphasize user satisfaction. It, ultimately, helps build brand value and reputation as well as to increase sales. UI/UX Design has become a significant part of today’s web development industry. It is your responsibility to help visitors navigate your website and reach wherever they need to go as fast as possible.

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