8 Simple SEO Tricks the Experts Use

September 17, 2018
by Daniel Klein

When we talk about SEO, we are referring to content optimization that will quantify itself in more search results and a higher ranking in Google’s search pages. The problem with SEO, however, is that if you get it wrong or if you ignore it, your content might as well be invisible or nonexistent.

Nevertheless, if you manage to get it right, you will be able to reap all the benefits that it has to offer, including things like increased website traffic, more conversions, better lead generation, and more sales.

Unfortunately or not, however, SEO ranking factors have changed more than once over the years, meaning that what worked one or two years ago, may no longer be a good strategy today.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of eight SEO tricks that experts use to always stay on Google’s top pages and reap as many of the benefits as possible.

The Eight Almighty SEO Tricks

  1. Type-specific keywords in your search engine and pay close attention to your competitors’ headlines. This way you will better understand what type of posts are the most popular; to know what content you should be focusing on.
  2. Consider adding a call-to-action (CTA) to both your headline as well as the Meta description. When adding a CTA to your Meta description, make sure to add it in the first 110 – 130 characters, as this is the optimal length for mobile devices.
  3. Always check your posts for any broken links. These broken links can hurt your SEO and will do you no favors if and when someone tries to access your page, only to be faced with that unpleasant 404 error page. With this in mind, consider personalizing your 404 error page.
  4. Novice SEO copywriters often forget the importance of internal and external links. Internal links, on the one hand, will keep your viewers engaged with your website for longer. On the other hand, external links will give you more authority, but only if you use reliable and informative sites. Both will help in providing extra information to the reader and both help with your website’s visibility and rank on search engines.
  5. Traffic sources come and go, and it is for this exact reason that you should always look where your target audience is, or where they will likely be in the future. There are several traffic sources that you need to keep an eye on. Organic and paid traffic are those people who reach your website either through the natural referring on search engines or through your ad campaigns, respectively. Social traffic refers to traffic that originates from your social media accounts. Direct access is traffic that originates when people type your domain name directly, while referral traffic stands for the audience that comes from other websites or social networks.
  6. While you should always provide your audience with high-quality content, you don’t have to write something new. Look through your older posts that were good or almost good, give them a touch-up here and there, mainly if there were any new developments on the topic in the meantime, and repost it.
  7. Consider adding video content wherever possible and appropriate. Not only will video content help with your SEO but it also has a much higher engagement rate. People may be more inclined to watch a 2-minute video than read a 300-word article.
  8. Most smartphones today have voice search function capabilities. Cortana, Google Now, and Siri are just a few of the most famous examples. Make sure that your content is easily searchable via voice. Use long-tail keywords as these are likelier to be spoken than the traditional keywords.


Even if SEO ranking factors keep changing, these eight SEO tricks will help you through thick and thin. If you are either a small business or large enterprise company and want to learn more about SEO, copywriting, and other such strategies, feel free to visit our website or contact us directly.


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