Benefits of Following a Personal Marketing Content Strategy vs. Straight Sales

July 09, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

If you have been staying up to date on the marketing industry this year, you have probably noticed the phrase ‘content is key’ or ‘content is King’ hundreds of times. In 2019, content is an essential part of your marketing strategy. You could have the best marketing strategy out there but without high quality, innovative content, it is unlikely that you will produce the results you want. Those companies with successful marketing strategies have ditched the promotional type content and began to follow a personal marketing content strategy. A personal marketing content strategy is what humanizes your company. It shows your audience that you value more than just sales. 

Personal marketing content also includes behind the scenes content. Behind the scenes, content is just what it sounds like. It is taking your followers behind the scenes to show them what goes on behind all the hard work. Not only does this humanize your company but it shows that you have fun, reveals your love for your team and shows that you occasionally make mistakes (as we are only human), and your team also laughs and lives. 

It has also become vital for a company’s success to build relationships with customers. Creating personal marketing content is an effective way to start building a relationship because it helps build trust with your audience. Consider if you were to walk into two different shops that had the same item you were looking for. Would you rather buy from the shop that greeted you when you walked in the door, started a conversation with you to understand your needs and genuinely appreciated your business or would you rather buy from the store that as soon as you walked in the door they tried to sell you on all types of things, regardless of what your needs were? Most people would choose the genuine salesperson that considered your needs over the person who was too promotional and clearly just wanted to make a sale. 

Social media is used by businesses today to build those relationships with your customers. Unlike traditional advertising in the past, it’s no longer about paper advertisements or television advertisements. It’s about hearing what your audience wants and needs from you and you satisfying those needs. So how do you begin creating personal marketing content? 

Team Building

Consumers today want to know the culture of the companies they support. If you are a company that nurtures close relationships and a family-like environment…people want to know about it! Whether your company fosters a friendly, serious, goofy, fun environment you will attract consumers with the same values. Some ways you can share team-building content is by posting and sharing any images of any out-of-office team office events you may have. Does your office enjoy a lunch outing every once in a while? Sporting events? If you host holiday parties or corporate events, you should be sharing those too.  It’s OK to show others that you have a life outside of the office and work well with your team. After all, we are all human and humans (your customers) want to connect with other humans. 

Progress Content

If you share internal progress and success, have you ever considered sharing it on social media as content? Social media does not have to be all about your products or services. By sharing success, you will be able to not only inspire and motivate your audience, but you will be able to show that your company is growing and is stable. You can share anything from company awards to employee recognition like “employee of the month.” Once you begin sharing progress and success, the mindset of your audience will be “these guys seem to be doing great in business. Let me check them out!” 

Behind the Scenes 

Another way to generate personal content is to show your audience what goes on ‘behind the scenes.’ You can simply do this by creating Instagram or Facebook stories to show what goes on in the office all day long. You can also snap candid pictures throughout the day to share on your Facebook or Instagram feed. This is a great way to show people your unique brand personality. 

Why Use Personal Content Marketing?

You may be wondering why personal content marketing strategies are important and if it’s really effective. There are numerous benefits to this type of content. Giving outsiders a view of what goes on ‘behind the scene’s’ is a great way to build trust. Trust is important for every company to have with their audience because they will then believe what they have to say. This type of content gives you the chance to be transparent and show that you have nothing to hide. 

Personal content also helps to differentiate your company from its competitors. If you are selling the same thing as tons of other companies, what is going to attract buyers to your company over the other ones? There may be other factors such as price, and convenience but consumers are more likely to go to a company they trust and can connect with. 

Lastly, personal content marketing is a fun way to switch up your content once in a while! Having the same promotional content every day on social media is exhausting for you and can easily disinterest your audience. This type of content makes it easy for others to engage because it gives them something to connect with. 

At Joseph Studios, we have a team of content experts who are up to date on the latest trends and understand the importance of content for your marketing strategy. We work to help you build those relationships with your customers that will gain their trust and keep them coming back to your company every time. To learn more about other types of content strategies and how we can help your company, contact a team member and allow us to help you take your company to the next level. 


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