Email Marketing Tips

October 22, 2018
by Daniel Klein

When companies launch a new fabulous product, expectations will always be high. The chances are that their previous customers will want to buy from them again. They will also attract new buyers, in the process. But unfortunately, however, it doesn’t automatically imply that old customers will also remember to do so.

In today’s world and with so many technological advancements over the past decade and a half, people are becoming increasingly busy. Work-related matters are now following them home via the internet, long after business hours have ended.

And together with all the other distractions that digital devices can provide, it’s becoming more likely that customers will forget about your brand or your new product. It is why email marketing is particularly useful in this context. With it, you can send your leads and customers a timely reminder, pointing to your upcoming event and encouraging them to purchase again.

To maximize the success rate of your email marketing campaign, it’s best if you are aware of some buyer behavior tips. These play a huge role in their decision-making process, regarding your product.

Forming an Emotional Connection

According to Aristotle’s so-called modes for persuasion, you need three elements before you can convince someone of your point of view. This technique is used in a wide variety of ways, including speeches, writing, and advertising, among other things. These three elements are Logos (appealing to the audience’s logic and reason), Ethos (the speaker’s credibility and character), and Pathos (persuading the audience by appealing to their emotions.)

It is the last one, the pathos, which needs your special attention; otherwise, most of your email marketing efforts will be in vain. A lack of pathos is the reason why PowerPoint presentations are considered by many to be boring, in the first place.

With this in mind, your leads and customers need to form an emotional connection with your product before they decide to make a purchase. The best way to appeal to pathos is by framing the narrative in such a way so that your audience’s pain points will be addressed in a more hands-on fashion. Inserting testimonials or other forms of social proof in your email marketing campaigns is one effective way of achieving this.

Seldom Seen Soon Forgotten

As mentioned before, it’s becoming increasingly easy for today’s consumers to forget about a brand or product offering. The key to counteracting this trend is through regular engagement and by maintaining a good relationship with both customers and prospects alike. From an email marketing perspective, regular newsletters, keeping them up-to-date on your products and developments, is the way to go.

Appealing to the Subconscious

Much of what we observe around us goes seemingly unnoticed. It is the brain’s way of sparing itself from information overload. Nevertheless, most of what’s happening in the surrounding environment will be absorbed by the subconscious.

Appealing to this part of the brain, however, cannot be achieved through verbal communication. It is the reason why your brand’s design plays a critical role. In this category, we can include elements such as graphics, logos, fonts, product names, color palette, and even customer experience, to a certain degree.

By providing your audience with a consistent brand design across all channels and touchpoints, including email, you will ensure that your prospects will be reminded of your brand on a subconscious level every time they encounter these elements – even if you do not present them, directly.


By knowing a bit about customer behavior and psychology, you can better anticipate any problems that may occur down the line when employing an email marketing campaign and help ramp up sales. If you are interested in learning more about buyer behavior and email marketing, feel free to visit our website or contact us at your earliest convenience.


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