Organic Influencer Marketing: 4 Steps To Turn Them Into A Brand Booster

May 09, 2019
by Deanitra Kuminka

Influencer marketing is not a new strategy, but it has become a very popular strategy in the marketing industry within the past few years. Why? Friend recommendations matter to 70 percent of millennials, which is why the strategy works so well. Think about it; If a friend recommended a home service they recently had done and had a great experience, wouldn’t you be more willing to buy that same service rather than a television ad telling you to do to so? Influencer marketing is a word of mouth strategy that is highly effective, as most words of mouth strategies are. In addition, influencer marketing is one of the most cost-effective strategies out there. Depending on the influencer you work with and their following, it could cost almost nothing and boost your revenue tremendously.

Since Influencer marketing is so effective, businesses should work to create a trustworthy, long-term relationship with the influencer, so they become a brand booster. Influencer’s followers trust the influencer and what they recommend, so if the influencer is constantly using the product or service, this tells consumers that the product or service is worthwhile. We have 4 steps for you to follow to turn influencers into a Brand Booster for your business.




There are thousands of influencers that are on the internet. Each influencer has a particular Niche whether its interior design, fitness or any other industry, these influencers are specialists in whatever they promote. Because there are so many influencers out there, it’s important to find the right one. So what research needs to be done to ensure you partner with the right influencer?

To start, there is a reputable source out there called Agility. Agility allows you to search for influencers all around the world. This source connects you to influencers social media account information, contact information and the latest posts to see what type of content they post and how successful their interactions are. Agility features about 800 thousand influencers from all over the world which allows you to search influencers all at once.

When you conduct your research, it’s important to be thorough. For example, if you see an influencer has 500 thousand followers don’t trust that their followers are of high quality. Look deeper into their following to determine if their followers match your target audience. If your target audience is mostly middle age women and their following is millennial men, the chance of the collaboration being effective is slim. You must also research influencers interactions. An influencer can have thousands of followers but if they only have a couple of hundred interactions what does that tell you about their posts and content? It’s not effective.




Before you reach out to an influencer to discuss collaboration, it is recommended that you begin joining their social media interaction. By liking, commenting and sharing influencers posts, you will show that you appreciate their work and want to spread their content.

Once you have proven your interest enough for the influencer to be familiar with you, you can reach out to the influencer! It is also recommended that when you introduce yourself and business, you stay clear of social media and connect with them through email. The Agility Database provides you will that influencers email address, but most influencers will post their contact information on their social media platforms. Not only is email communication more professional but influencers receive hundreds of messages a day. Your message can easily become lost in their inbox and never be seen.

Hook Them



If the influencer you have chosen to reach out to is one that is relative to your industry, there is a good chance he or she will be interested in promoting your product. However, you cannot bribe them with free products because they’re being offered free products every day. In addition to sending them free products, give them the freedom to promote your product how they would like to. Not only will this make them more interested, but it will prevent your product from sounding like an obvious sales pitch.


Keep Them


A long-term collaboration with influencers will show your audience that your brand is trustworthy and of high quality. To get the most out of working with an influencer, you should work with them as long as possible and have them share your product or service consistently.

Some ways to keep the relationship going is to provide them with good compensation. After all, this influencer is bringing you money; you have to share the money they work to bring in. Every person likes to be recognized and praised for their good work, so it’s important to praise their content and reward them in any way possible. You can also send them access to exclusive deals; this way they feel valued.

If you have followed these four steps, the influencer will most likely become a brand booster for your service or product. Having brand boosters is different from an influencer because it builds even more trust with your product. A brand booster will show their audience that your business is so good, they keep returning…which will help to bring you valuable, long-term customers.

Organic Influencer Marketing

At Joseph Studios, we understand the importance and effectiveness of organic influencer marketing and the ways you can turn influencers into brand boosters to create a recognized image of your business. Joseph Studios uses a natural marketing approach that enables you to build a high-quality customer base and following. Our team of experts utilizes strategies like SEO, social media and blog writing to increase your online visibility and improve the content on your website and social media pages.

We have found that to maximize success for your marketing strategy, utilizing all approach will bring the most success to your business. For example, if you’re interested in using influencer marketing as a marketing strategy, social media services should be used too. That way, consumers can go directly from the influencers page to yours, and when they are on your page, they find valuable, high-quality content that will keep them coming back.

To learn more about influencer marketing and how you can influencers into brand boosters, contact an expert.


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