6 Ways SEO Content Helps You Increase Organic Website Traffic

November 09, 2020
by Deanitra Kuminka

There’s no arguing that web traffic plays a significant role in a business’s success. It’s what helps your gain leads that hopefully convert to long-time customers. Web traffic, however, wouldn’t have the impact it does without SEO and its rankings to highlight your business for those looking for your products and services, and drive traffic to your website. Some think that in order to boost web traffic, you have to shell out countless dollars for pay-per-click advertising, but in actuality, there are plenty of ways that you can use SEO content to increase organic traffic at no cost — if you want to dedicate the hours. Let us show you six ways that SEO content helps you increase organic website traffic!

Optimize for Your Readers, Not Search Engines

We know it seems like creating SEO content is all for the benefit of search engines, but you should think of it as optimizing your content and website for your readers. By pleasing your readers, you automatically please the search engine gods and potential customers can you’re your business. A key factor in successfully optimizing SEO content for your readers is to first buyer personas and consult them before you start creating content so that you know who to address.

Your website, too, should be optimized for users on mobile devices. More than 65 percent of people prefer to shop and gather information through their mobile devices, so it would be wise to ensure that your website is optimized for this. Mobile versions of sites increase target audience coverage, and search engines take your optimization into account as well.

Lastly, consider the URLs on your website. They also play a role in increasing your organic website traffic. Like the keywords used in blogs and social media posts to boost SEO rankings, you can also add keywords to your URLs to make them more understandable for your website visitors. The best way to optimize them consists of including three to five relevant words, but keeping the URL name short, using hyphens instead of underscores, and avoiding keywords that might trigger spam filters. All of this makes your URLs more attractive to readers and search engines alike, increasing the likelihood that they’ll get clicked.

Blog Regularly

Blogging is an incredibly impactful way to increase your organic website traffic. Content goes hand-in-hand with search engine optimization (SEO), as SEO keywords often influence the topics you write about. And the blogs you write further increase your organic website traffic. When executed correctly, it’s a self-serving circle that yields big results. Blogs can influence rankings, credibility, and instill brand loyalty.

With blogging, it’s essential to post regularly and keep websites and blogs updated. That is if you want to increase your organic web traffic. The goal of blogs is to create a collection of helpful, buyer persona-driven content that will ultimately influence your subscribers to sign up for your services or purchase a product.

Another thing to keep in mind is that quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality. The more relevant and engaging blog posts and leadership articles you house on your site, the more organic traffic opportunities arise. Creating and posting poorly written or clickbait content, however, will have the opposite effect.

Use Keywords

Don’t just go for any old popular keywords. Take your rankings to the next level by using keywords that directly reference or relate to your products and services. If you are a local business, incorporate keywords such as city names, state abbreviation, counties, and local nicknames. As you continue to use these keywords, Google, among other search engines, will start to recognize you as a resource and an authority and boost your content in the search rankings. Your goal should be to become a top influencer on a specific niche topic. These efforts make it easier for your target customers to find you and grow your website traffic.

Land a Spot on Google’s Featured Snippets

Have you ever noticed that when you search for something, the results pop up in a box without you ever having to leave the page? That’s Google’s featured snippets at work. These enhanced results aim to answer your questions directly on the results page. You might be thinking, “won’t that reduce the amount of organic web traffic coming to my website?” The answer is no, quite the opposite. When searchers get their questions answered through the featured snippets, they often visit the same page their answer came from, looking for more sage advice they might offer. Your presence as a featured snippet also boosts brand awareness and pushes competitor rankings down.

There are several things you can do to earn the prime snippet spot. The first is identifying which of the keywords your company is already ranking for results in the appearance of a featured snippet. These keywords typically answer who, what, why, or how questions. In turn, to qualify, your content must answer the question somewhere in your post (the earlier it appears, the better). And since these snippets also feature images, you want to make sure your images are high-quality SEO-optimized images.

The last tip is that if you’re detailing how to do a task or process, create a step-by-step guide with as many points as possible. When it populates as a featured snippet, it will make good use of the “more items” link, forcing the reader to visit your site and driving more traffic. Even if you aren’t able to snag the coveted spot, your actions won’t go unrewarded; it will improve your content’s overall performance.

Promote on Social Media

It’s said that 91 percent of the world’s population uses a social media platform of some kind, so it’s only natural that it can be used to increase brand awareness and organic web traffic. Using social media is most beneficial if you build an online presence where your target audience is, whether it’s on Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. You can use your social media to manage opinions, gain brand exposure, and even drive traffic to your website.

An easy way your followers can help you gain web traffic is by adding a social media share button to your website. Doing so makes it easier for your content to be shared on your readers’ individual social media feeds, resulting in new readers indulging in your content. If what you provide is impressive, they’ll click on it to read the full article on your website.

Use Internal Links Wisely

Have you ever visited a website to read an article, clicked on an internal link, and the next thing you know, you’ve been browsing the same site for upwards of 30 minutes? We like to refer to these moments as rabbit holing, and they’re the result of cleverly incorporated internal links. Once you’ve built up a decent catalog of content, you can sprinkle these links throughout your blogs and direct your readers to relevant content. This leads to visitors staying longer, which ultimately boosts your search rankings and organic web traffic. This is a simple SEO trick that most content creators fail to incorporate into their strategy. 

Joseph Studios: Changing the Way You Increase Organic Website Traffic

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