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July 25, 2018
by Daniel Klein



Things to Know When Getting Started


  • Our team is 100% U.S. based. We don’t sub-contract. We never outsource. 

  • There are typically no statements of work (SOWs) for engagements less than $1,000; however, our terms and conditions will still apply.

  • Your portion of the investment is made by authorizing us to invoice your business for only the hours used on your work; up to a fixed amount of hours. If your business approves 100 hours, but we only needed 80 hours to complete the project, your company will only be billed for 80.



Considerations to Maintain Project Cost and Timelines


We recommend you provide 3-6 team members as points of contact for the project or campaign. 3-6 people is just enough people to assist with feedback and not so many that it prevents decisions from being made.

Having content, logos, images, and color palates prior to beginning the engagement will dramatically reduce your project’s cost. This is simply because they’ll be fewer key decision points to make, and content related decisions take up a tremendous amount of time and energy



More Thing to Boost Your Project ROI


Releasing functionality early and often will prevent you from making big mistakes. 

  • We use a product called Jira and a methodology called Agile Scrum and Agile Kanban to deliver your work items typically with a two week cycle.

  • By releasing this new functionality to your users or a sub-set of your users for testing, you’ll prevent yourself from building things people dont want or dont use.

  • We call this “product market fit” and achieving that product market fit status as quickly as possible is what will make your project extremely valuable to your organization.





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