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How useful is Blogging in Business?

Can having blogs really help a business?

Blogs serve a few very important purposes. Blogs provide valuable or entertaining content to use for other marketing purposes like an email campaign or social media post. Blogs also provide a means to give value to your patrons and the community. Blogs also dramatically help you rank better in search engines naturally and without the use of paid ads.

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What's the Value?

Let’s look the ways blogging (content marketing) helps you and your business;

  • Have the ability to speak directly to your current and potential customers. Our experts craft messages designed to genuinely connect with each type of customer you have.

  • Communicate your past successes, techniques, and expertise with the help of a well written blog.

  • Enjoy a professionally managed blog that  consistently pulls in new leads, improves your SEO rankings, and draws site traffic and interest.

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Providing new and valuable content is the best way to improve your SEO rankings

Can blogging grow business?

Blogging is critical to business health, but much like exercise it only works when you work hard at it and do it consistently.

Content marketing (including blogging) is where many businesses cut corners and aim to pump out cheap and unhelpful content, not realizing that this type of marketing is foundation and that it’s extremely important to “get right”. If SEO is for machines, content marketing is for humans.

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Is Content Marketing Effective?

How does Content marketing work?

Content Marketing works by helping connect your brand, and the results of working with your brand, to the people who either would be your customers or could refer customers to you. When you’re exploring content marketing as an option, consider the following:


  • Ensure your content marketing team is local, or is at least regional, so they can craft content that easily passes as native.

  • Hire experts who can tie your content marketing strategy into your email, social media, and SEO campaigns. This way everything flows and leverages the each other seamlessly.

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Learn More About Organic Content Marketing

The marketing industry is always changing because there are new and effective ways to build a relationship and connect with consumers. Recently, blogs have became an essential part of marketing strategies. Blogs are a way to humanize your brand. Blogs give your business a chance to show consumers the personality of your brand. Your blog posts can be about anything, it does not always have to be about your product or service which is unique. Your posts can include inspirational stories about employees, trending news, the benefits of your product or service, tips and tricks, or information that will help them to understand the background of your business. As long as the content remains relevant and interesting, it will benefit your business.

If you are active on social media (as you should be) you might find developing content frequently is difficult. Blogs are a great way to add to your social media content. Sharing your blog posts on social media not only creates social media content but gives you the opportunity to share your blog and expand your audience. If email marketing is a strategy you use, blogs can also provide content for newsletters.

Blogs also create the opportunity to interact with your audience. Blogs can be commented on with feedback and occasionally criticisms. Criticisms are not uncommon and rather than them having a negative effect on your business, you have the chance to turn it around with a positive discussion.

Search engine optimization is essential for every business. If there are ways to improve your SEO strategy, you should consider it. Blogging is a way to improve SEO.  Blogging helps to increase search engine traffic. This is because search engines are provided more content that become indexed in search engines. This improves search visibility and increases web traffic.

Having high quality backlinks is the number one way to improve your SEO. When you have high quality content, you are able to declare authority and will be able to attract more authoritative links.

By producing interesting, relative content you will naturally begin to attract authors, journalists and other writers who will then begin sharing your links.

Ranking on search engines can be difficult because there are many ways to do so because there are so many different searches. Single, specific keywords are essential but you also need to have long-tail search words built into your content. This will help you not only rank for specific key words but long-tail search queries. Without a blog it is almost impossible to rank for those.

Studies show that the more pages a site has, the more leads it generates. According to Hubspot, businesses that have 401-1000 pages generate 6 times more leads than websites with 51-100 pages. 400- 1000 pages seems impossible to reach but if you post weekly blogs in addition to other content, you are sure to get there in no time.

A blog that is consistent with good quality content is more likely to improve conversion rates. This is because it helps to build brand loyalty. It has been proven by Hubspot that businesses that have an active blog experience 13 times increase in ROI.

In addition to all the revenue blogs can generate, blogs are informational and provide consumers with more information. Blogs give you the opportunity to send your audience a message (for low cost.) Blogs can contain information about your product that they might not otherwise receive. This information could be benefits of your product or service or it could be from a more personal angle, which will give consumers the chance to connect with you on a more personal level.

If done correctly, blogs can produce great results for business. With a chance to increase revenue by 13 times, blogs are a strategy you won’t want to skip out on. Blogs require a lot of time and creativity. Not everyone has the skills or time to have a blog. In addition to the content writing, blogs require research. The research that is done should be incorporated into your writing in a natural way. Blogs also require some knowledge of SEO, backlinks and social media. This is why businesses outsource their blog writing to a professional marketing agency.

Joseph Studios is an organic marketing agency that uses an organic approach to increase your brand’s awareness. Joseph Studios has a team of creative experts that can manage your blogs.  Joseph Studios has the experience of working with many different industries and combining the rest of your marketing strategy with your blog, so it flows seamlessly. The team of SEO, social media, email marketing ang blog writing experts work together to build a successful marketing strategy. 

Every business that offers a blog writing service is not necessarily a “good” blog writing service. It is important to find a blog writing service that produces results. A blog writing service should also offer SEO, social media and email marketing services. This is because they work best when they are combined. In your blogs should be keywords and links to other part of your website. You should also include blogs in your social media content strategy. 

Joseph studios is an organic marketing agency that offers blog writing services. Joseph Studios works with a variety of clients which have given the team experience in writing for many different types of businesses. With Joseph Studios’ blog writing services, you have the ability to speak directly to your current and potential customers. The content created will be designed to connect with each type of customer that you have. Not only will the team help to increase interactions with customers, but your professionally managed blog will consistently generate leads, improve your SEO rankings and increase website traffic.

By working with an organic marketing agency, like Joseph Studios, you will be able to produce natural results that are more effective for your business in the long run. Blog services are not a quick fix but an investment for your business. Once your blog is consistent you will begin to notice sales increasing as well as website traffic. Joseph Studios can work with you to create a report that proves how successful blog writing is. 

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